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Message no. 1
From: Mark Mark@******
Subject: [Nerps] NERPS Status
Date: Sun, 6 Jun 1999 17:32:17 +0000

Due to the current state of the NERPS list, like there has been no
progress on organisations and stuff in i forget how long i will at
some point get arround to putting the last couple of things i sent
this way onto the web in html format.

This refers specifically to:
NERPS ORGANISATIONS: Triad : Black Lotus Clan
This file will be joining the character sheets for the Triad members
on the web at some point, i will leave the additions made from it's
discussion in and reference NERPS someplace. NERPS is still free to
get around to doing something with the file but it will now be going
on the web.

Spell Matricies for Shadowrun
This was posted 'for comment', ok the fact i forgot to fill the
subject line in probably did not help but no comments were made at
This file with (unless NERPS complains) the gathering magic material
from Shadowlore 1 that i utilises for part of the rules will also be
appearing on the web.
Note you basically HAVE to have read Earthdawn properly to understand
this file and it really only matters to characters built on >500

These materials will be at
once i sort them out.

I have plenty of space to stick other materail up there as well,
there are already about 30 assorted characters, runners and corporate
security guards there, most of the advanced magic house rules i have
written and some technology. Submissions from other people are
welcome to join them though i am not the fastest at getting around to
updating things.
The characters are now principally MAGIC IN THE SHADOWS compliant! i
suspect a few minor details slipped through the net but even the
powerful initiates have now been reworked to the proper third edition

More material will also probably appear, but is now more likely to
appear on the Web, maybe with a note here to say it has than to be
offered to NERPS, Gurth asked for anything pretty much so i stuck
more stuff here and (just about) no-one woke up and commented.

Anyway, fire up the Shadowrun web ring, 335! sites!
for those of you with interests in Ed, go see FASA, the WHOLE Dragons
sourcebook is sitting on thier site in pdf format for all to download
as it was completed but never published when ED was suspended.


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