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Message no. 1
From: Bruce <gyro@********.CO.ZA>
Subject: NERPS : Organisations [Harryngtons Security Services]
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 14:00:00 +0200
(>)Heres a little download from the Yoshida's database for the new
edition of the Seattle Guidebook. It details a newish player in the
security business that has recently grown enough to gain the
attentions of various larger security providers. Hope it comes in
(>) DdoubleO IT

Harryngtons Security Services


The company was formed in late 2049 as a private security concern by
HN Wilson, an expatriate of British descent. Parlaying some solid
contacts among the upper crust of Seattle into profitable security
contracts, the company has grown to become one of the most respected
providers of security to the city's elite.

The victim of an aggresive takeover bid in early 2057, the company was
forced into the international limelight when the tactics of the
potential takeover bidders were revealed by Harlon Jacobs of WPKR
television. Since that time the company has actually benefitted from
the publicity. Several embassies in the Bellevue area have recently
contracted the company for their needs.


The company is controlled by the Executive Consultant HN Wilson, known
to all many friends as Neville. A greying 50 year old, the ExecCon has
an uncanny knack with people and is on many an exclusive party's
invatation list

A South African expatriot runs the Operations Division, the heart of
the company. Ex SAPS Colonel Peter Bezuidenhout is tough and battle
hardened. He drills the troops personally and stays involved in the
day to day running of his division.

"Jimmy" James Fields is the Financial Director, a fun loving playboy
whose excesses have landed him in hot water on more than a few
occasions. He has a good head for figures and is meticulous and
reliable in his position. The organiser of the company's highly
succesful Embassy Challenge Golf Day.


The company is divided into three seperate Divisions. Management,
Financial and Operations.

Management takes care of client relations, the pursuit of new clients,
public image and overall control of the business. Mrs Paula Wilson,
wife of the ExecCon controls this Division.

Financial. Jimmy James is responsible for control of the company's
banking and investment portfolios. The division also carefully
monitors the ever-changing situation on the streets and is the home of
IntelOps, the company's intelligence gathering
sub-division. II uses a lot deckers and spares no expense in
establishing the threat to their clients lives and properties.

Operations takes care of posting physical guards to client sites,
ensuring that they are trained, equipped and briefed so that they can
fulfil their duties. This Division controls the fleet and the airwing
as well as the Magical Operations sub-division.


Mrs Wilson holds 44%
Mr JJ Fields holds 18%
Mr PC Kaufmann holds 38%

(>) The reason that MR Wilson does not own stock is yet to be
established, but I'll bet it has something to do with a little dust up
he had with His Majesty's Tax Revenue Office back in '32
(>) LoopJumper@**********.com

(>) Other word on the man is that he is one of the recently discovered
"social adepts". According to some wiz jetwash I had the displeasure
of being subjected to recently, this i a new form of physical adept. I
doubt it. Anyone had a chance to assense the man?
(>) Bellevue Eagle


Harryngtons post physical, magical and electronic security guards to
all the client sites depending on the level of threat that is
perceived. The company has an expert surveying and troubleshhoting
squad that perform this function as well as constant testing of the
security measures in place.

(>) I've heard the Operations guys hire shadowrunners to try and beat
their security.
(>) Bizwatcher

While the staff on-site are considered the front line against security
breaches, the company's true attitude is revealed by the response
teams fielded. These teams utilise land, air and water transport in
reacting to a threat. Most officers are ex military or security
personnel from well respected agencies.

(>) The recent defection of Brian Lascaris from KE's MagSec division
to Harryngtons caused quite a stir.
(>) Bizwatcher

The company is also very active in the security consultancy business.
Several lucrative subcontracting deals with the installers of
electronic security measures have ensured a healthy cash flow


The officers on duty are all highly trained and well renumerated. They
are trained in foreign languages and etiquette, unarmed combat,
non-lethal response and pistols. Security sergeants are trained in all
of the above as well as rudimentary electronics and communications as
well as demolitions and and basic magical theory.

Response officers are recruited from the best of the front-line staff.
They are trained in all of the skills needed by posted officers as
well as piloting, rifles and small unit tactics. Response officers are
equippped with cyberware and state of the art weapons in order to
optimise the threat response in dealing with siuations

The ExecCon also trains and mentors his PR managerial staff. Chosen
straight from college and relentlessly drilled in dealing with clients
and socialising, these PR managers keep the company in the spotlight,
attending functions and making new deals.

(>) These guys are more of the "social adepts" Bellvue Eagle was
talking about.
(>) Destiny@*********.se

A rigid sense of discipline and unfailing politeness and competence
are the hallmarks of this company's staff.


The company employs
1 ExecCon
2 Divisonal Managers (Operations and Finances)
4 Sub-divisional Managers (Magic Ops, Response, Intel Ops and
7 Assistant Managers (One each to the above)
4 PR Managers
18 Administration staff
190 Security Officers (incl. 20 sergeants)
40 Response Officers
8 Pilots
6 Maintenance Officers
2 Armourers
8 Training Officers.

The fleet consists of

4 Northrup Yellwjacket F variant helicopters
2 Ares Dragon Helicopters
12 Chrysler-Nissan Patrol cars
2 Ares CityMaster RCV
6 Harley Scorpion patrol bikes


The HQ is situated just across the I405 from Bellvue proper, almost
smack in the middle of the Bellvue area.
The area is half a block in extent and boasts a roof helipad for the
company's aerial fleet. There are parade grounds, a motor pool and an
underground armoury and shooting range as well as the usual assortment
of offices and boardrooms. Security around the HQ itself is tight and
the compound has been used to secure important visitors to the city.

(>) The company's host has been estimated at Orange-8. Good luck.
(>) Highpoint Hackers

-- BRUCE <gyro@********>


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