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Message no. 1
From: Patrick Goodman <remo@***.NET>
Subject: Re: NERPS :[Organisations] Iron Mike and the Crop Circles -
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 21:15:00 -0600
Okay, so this is late. Sue me.

From: Bruce
Sent: Wednesday, January 06, 1999 3:24 AM

>The inner core of
>the group numbers approx. 45 of most meta types and both genders.
>There are approx. 30 more Crop Circle gangers who are not privy to
>the real nature of the organisation.

[[Real-World Note: I think you're numbers are way skewed here. Any
kind of "inner core" is going to be substantially smaller than the main
ranks of the dog soldiers. To say that there are so many people privy
to the boss's ultimate plans and the "real nature" of the gang, and so
few left in the dark, goes counter to the needs of security that this
guy seems to want. Detracts from the mystique. Limit the "inner core"
to about 10 people, tops, with 60-75 dog soldiers who just do their
jobs, and it'll sound a load more realistic. To me, at any rate.

Oh, and to get to something I accidentally snipped and don't feel like
pasting back in: Gurth mentioned something about NYC and Jersey that
you should bear in mind. New Jersey is a state, and is extremely
unlikely to be completely taken over by sprawl. New York City also
fragmented along borough lines. But to say "NY/NJ sprawl" is to naively
assume that the whole area is one big conglomerated place, which I don't
believe would be the case. You might want to go down to the library and
look at a couple of atlases. Besides, with a gang this small, covering
Newark is going to be work enough for them, I think.]]

>It is important to note HOW the Circles operate. Unlike many other
>gangs, they like to keep a low profile in their dealings. They act
>as middlemen, suppliers and transporters of goods. They never mention
>the gang name , its leaders or its organisation. Mike figures that
>these policies will keep them in the shadows for long enough for
>him to consolidate some kind of power base.
>(>) Until now.
>(>) Johnny Two-Toes

(>) If they're willing to step into the light a bit now, it could mean
they're up to something. Of course, it could also just mean that
someone got too close and is fixing to have an 'accident' of some kind.
Not wild about either possibility, personally.
(>) Shadow Badge

>it is whispered that she is more than human and that without
>her Iron Mike would be just another street hood with aspirations.
>(>) I heard she's a player, a free spirit wanting to make it big in
>the metahuman world.
>(>) CPJ
>(>) I bet this goes over real well with his catholic mage girlfriend.
>I wonder who would survive if either of them found out.
>(>) The Cad
>(>) Hey, who knows, she may be into it :)
>(>) Caddly and Caddlier

(>) Smart money's on Andrera.
(>) Wholly Rollins

>Mike keeps a separate residence and headquarters away from the staging
>area employed by the rest of the gang. Mike's HQ is on the top floor
>of the Hershney - Kilner building, an average, if abandoned 8 floor
>office building in New Jersey.
>(>) Watch them move!
>(>) Johnny Two-Toes
>(>) Yeah, that building is now abandoned. No way in hell will you find
>any Crop Circle members in its vicinity.
>(>) Next of Kin

(>) So explain the lights and flames on the roof every night...lights
and flames which show up in the astral _as well as_ the physical world.
(>) Cygnus

That's all for now, I think.

(>) Texas 2-Step
El Paso: Never surrender. Never forget. Never forgive.

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