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Message no. 1
From: Bruce <gyro@********.CO.ZA>
Subject: NERPS :[Organisations] Iron Mike and the Crop Circles - Resubmit
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 11:23:39 +0200
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The Crop Circles are a large street gang operating in the NY / New
Jersey sprawl. The recent seizure of power by Iron Mike has turned the
gang into a mini syndicate who are fearlessly gunning for the
established figures on the East Coast crime scene. The inner core of
the group numbers approx. 45 of most meta types and both genders.
There are approx. 30 more Crop Circle gangers who are not privy to the
real nature of the organisation.


The Crop Circles specialise in moving and shaking. They transport and
sell BTL, chemical mind benders, pornography, prostitutes and weapons.
Recently the gang has opened two strip joints and a chip house. They
refuse to be used for cannon fodder work and take special delight in
screwing the local Mafia over at every opportunity.

(>) That could prove very unhealthy for them in the long run, or maybe
even in the short run too. Unless of course they're operating under
Yak or Triad protection.
(>) Black-Dove

(>) It looks like Mike has cut a deal with the devil on this one. So
far he's had nothing but smooth sailing. It's as if someone is feeding
him info on all the local Mafioso's plans before they happen.
(>) Bizwatcher

The gang has avoided extortion work so far, as most worthy targets
have Mafia "protection". These business are simply targeted to
undermine the Mafia's presence in the area.

It is important to note HOW the Circles operate. Unlike many other
gangs, they like to keep a low profile in their dealings. They act as
middlemen, suppliers and transporters of goods. They never mention the
gang name , its leaders or its organisation. Mike figures that these
policies will keep them in the shadows for long enough for him to
consolidate some kind of power base.

(>) Until now.
(>) Johnny Two-Toes


Iron Mike is a fearsome figure on the streets. He is an Ork of African
American descent and proud of it. He leads the Circles due to the fact
that he violently removed the previous leader, Sharp Moses' will to
live. When asked why he chose the Crop Circles to be the gang he would
lead he replied " 'cause they happen an' nobody knows why, but
everyone thinks some guys did it. That's the way I wanna play. " Mike
carries moderate cyber and bioware modifications, none of which are
immediately obvious.

Mike has two lieutenants.

The first is a young Hispanic lady named Andrera. Not much is known
bout her. She was found on the streets by one of the Croppers,
spouting off strings of what the gangers assumed to be some kind of
advanced mathematics. She was brought to Mike and now serves as his
accountant, advisor, assassin and sex slave. it is whispered that she
is more than human and that without her Iron Mike would be just
another street hood with aspirations.

(>) I heard she's a player, a free spirit wanting to make it big in
the metahuman world.
(>) CPJ

(>) I bet this goes over real well with his catholic mage girlfriend.
I wonder who would survive if either of them found out.
(>) The Cad

(>) Hey, who knows, she may be into it :)
(>) Caddly and Caddlier

Mario C is the other lieutenant in Mikes service. He is an ex-Mafia
operative that Mike recruited. Under pain of death from the Mob,
Mario's new role is that of enforcer and strong-arm. He is in the
process of "convincing" all the arms dealers he knew from his wiseguy
days to deal exclusively with him. This type of tactic is likely to
get him and the Crop Circles plenty of unwanted attention.


Mike has taken to personally recruiting members for the gang. He
chooses the brightest lights from other gangs, organised crime
families or just right off the street. He looks for people of any
race, gender or persuasion, as long as they exhibit initiative, guts
and a sense of belonging to the street.

The new recruit is watched over and taught the ways of the new gang
for a period of about two weeks. He or she receives no distinguishing
mark or set of colours.


Mike keeps a separate residence and headquarters away from the staging
area employed by the rest of the gang. Mike's HQ is on the top floor
of the Hershney - Kilner building, an average, if abandoned 8 floor
office building in New Jersey.

(>) Watch them move!
(>) Johnny Two-Toes

(>) Yeah, that building is now abandoned. No way in hell will you find
any Crop Circle members in its vicinity.
(>) Next of Kin

The building is heavily secured by cameras, traps and four cybergoons
in Mikes employ as bodyguards. Mike's girlfriend Abbess, a Hermetic
mage with a taste for all things Catholic and most things painful,
also lives here and provides at least a semblance of magical security.
The converted office/apartment features armoured walls, a control room
with sensors and comms gear and an impressive arsenal. The place is
decorated in a style Mike likes to call "Avant Pulp Bondage"

The rest of the gang including the two lieutenants live and work from
several warehouses, apartments and mobile stations around the NY / New
Jersey sprawl area. All are lightly defended and can be abandoned at a
moments notice with minimal losses.

(>) I would presume that the next HQ will be better protected and
better hidden after this hits the net
(>) Hoboken Tram Token


Fillers - New Jersey street gang numbering approx. 80 members.
PAGAD - People Against Gangsterism And Drugs - Iron Mike funds this
Anti-Mafia protest group.
Knights of Bratislava - This European mercenary group is moving a lot
of Euro Wars surplus arms through the Sprawl, with the help of Mr Iron


New York and New Jersey Mafia
Law Enforcement Agencies - Lone Star , KE , the whole deal
WKPH - New Jersey TV channel that has vowed to uncover Mikes dealings
after he blew up two of their broadcast vans with long range missiles.

(>) Here's a juicy little titbit. WKPH owns .... drumroll please ...
Crimewatch! and its sister publication ... Bizwatch!
I know one mean Ork who's gonna a lot meaner when this little
doccie finds its way to him.
(>) Gyr0

The Mow - The remnants of the leadership of the Crop Circles formed
this small gang with the express purpose of overthrowing Iron Mike. So
far Mike has had great fun leading them on wild goose chases after
money and equipment and testing some of the more nefarious nerve
agents from the Knights on them.


The members of the mini syndicate carry no special identifying marks.
The members of the old Crop Circles gang carried associated imagery in
patterns shaved into the hair or in intricate tattoos. Since Iron
Mike's arrival these habits have been discouraged, although not
entirely stamped out. People on the street figure the Crop Circles
have just faded away like most two bit gangs do.

How to use in your campaign

In my campaign the characters were on the trail of Andrera Vail Casta.
They were being paid to find the remarkable young lady by a contact at
Novatech. She demonstrates incredible intelligence, lightning reflexes
and unfailing perceptiveness. Yet she carries no cyber or bioware and
is mundane. Eventually they tracked her down to Boston where they
found her safely ensconced in Mike's Organisation.

In your game you may use the Croppers and Mike as a villain, a contact
or just as street colour. They will either be destroyed by concerted
effort on the part of the Mob or will grow to be a small but
formidable force in the NY sprawl zone.

Game Statistics

Crime track Reputation 6

Market Share

Computer Crime 1
Controlled Substances 4
Counterfeiting and Forgery 0
Fencing 2
Fixing 2
Gambling 0
Hijacking 2
Kidnapping 0
Loansharking 0
Pornography 4
Prostitution 2
Protection 2
Robbery 2
Shadow Services 2
Smuggling (Gun running) 4
White Collar Crime 2


Enforcement 3
Fiscal 3
Intelligence 4
Management 4
Reputation 6

Net Rating 49


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*Executive Engineer* *FrontLine Games*
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