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From: Ahuizotl cuellare@***
Subject: [Nerps] PR Aztlan holes 1.0 L(English) 1.1 Ahuizotl opinion
Date: Mon, 07 Jun 1999 00:30:39 -0500
JThor27860@***.com escribió:
> In a message dated 6/6/99 9:12:48 AM !!!First Boot!!!,
> cuellare@*** writes:
> What about the Possible rise of the Toltec's, the people the Aztec's took
> over and assimilated? After all it was rumored that the return of
> Quenzecotl<spelling?> would be the fall of the Smoking Mirror.

Good question. Lets make clear some points. I don't know what toltec
return legend you are mention, in fact Aztecs have a very strong
relation with toltec let me express my point.

Ok first Toltecs was not take over by the Aztecs, neither asimilate. The
Toltec was asimilate by the Chichimecas, not took over. The Toltecs made
a pact with the Chichimecas (that in the time of the assimilation the
chichimecas was like the unos of Atila)That union was dictated by a god
Tolteca because the toltec was almost disappearing in the hands of
xochimilcans and ayapancas. When this events take place the Aztec
haven't arrive to the "valle de Mexico". The Quetzalcoatl of the toltec
was a emperor god like, and was the direct line to all the emperors. The
sons of Tlotzin (the emperor in the moment of the pact) was the root of
all the "royal families" in prehispanic Mexico (Aztecs include, in fact
the first Aztec emperor had toltec blood.). The legend that you mention
is not accurate. The fall of the smoking mirror is not the awakening.
So nobody knows if Quetzalcoatl is coming. And as far as I know FASA
haven't said a thing about it.


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