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From: Ahuizotl cuellare@***
Subject: [Nerps] PR Aztlan holes 1.0 L(English) 1.2
Date: Mon, 07 Jun 1999 00:30:08 -0500
Ereskanti@***.com escribió:

> Lots of Dirt ;-)

Of coures is Aztlan didn't :-)

> > The first holes that I want to fulfill would be:
> > What's the name Aztlaners shadowruners give to MR Johnson?
> I am going to ask this one straight up. Are you asking what's the language
> they are using, hence the word choice? If so, the Aztlan Sourcebook has
> mentioned already that "Aztec" is the official language. However, even I
> doubt that spanish or the various mestijo variations would have vanished.
> Aztec is part (at least, so far as some cultural professors would have us
> believe, hence the reason previous edition of SR have it this way) of the Uto
> (Ute')-Navajo clan diversification thing.

Ok the point is that there isn't a AZTEC language Aztecs speak nahuatl
that is as close to navajo as Spanish is close to Rumanian.
The cuestion is because some GM in Mexico said that Aztec is a makeover
of Sapnish with Nahuatl, and that only the high classes and the corps
know how to speak it. So a john is a Juan Perez, because People in the
streets still speak spanish. In the other hand some said that everybody
speaks this spanish nahuatl language and is teaching in the teocalis
(churchs). And other brnach said that is nahuatl. So take your choise.

> > What's the name aztlaners give to shadowrunners?
> Eww...I really see where you are going with this I think. Going on what I
> said earlier, you'd want to divulge yourself of a Navajo-based language.
> (smirk)...nothing written (LOL!! the Irony is what I find humorous).

Ok here, the same as the Above with the difference that there isn't and
exact translation. Some said that is "los que corren" (the ones who run
correct me please if there is a better translation), other said that in
Aztlan there're "los que corren en las sombras" (the ones that run in
the shadows) others GM said that they are runners o shadow runners
because everything starts in Seattle. I have one GM that use a nahuatl
translation That's the why's of the question.

> > What's the Aztlan dialect? Is a official language in Aztlan? Form where
> > did this language born?
> See above. If Aztec/Uto-Aztecan is the official language (In the games here,
> UA might be the *official* language, but Spanish and Mixtec are the spoken
> ones on the street), it's going to have a "nyueh's" in the pronunciation.
> BUT, and your own "nickname" proves this's apparently got a
> Toltec/Olmec origin.

Toltec is very diferent with olmec but dosnt matter. The point i want to
fill is already expres above.

> > How the Aztlan flag looks like? The shield? What's the mean of the
> > colors on the aztlan flag?
> Actually, the flag is the same color, except the snake/eagle image (I might
> be daydreaming this information btw) has been redone to a singular image, the
> Coatl.

a Coatl is a Snake, it represent the forces of the dark (look I don't
said evil Aztec had other opinions about death and entropy and is not
the bad guy's dead is not evil neither decadence.) Must of the Mex GM
see this on the contrary. The shield is the same (some said that with a
Prehispanic look but the same in the bottom). The colors is the problem
the white represent the religion, the catholic religion. so the changes
are like this Green and red. Red only. Purple green, and red. Couldn't
be the quetzalcoatl symbol because it was a minor god in Aztec poligods.

> > How did the 50 millions Catholics was converted to a new religion?
> They were told to officially denounce the Catholic Faith. They *may* have
> done this publicly, but I doubt the older citizenry would ever do this.
> Hence, the strong Jesuit and Franciscan influences/cooperations with the
> "Mexican Liberation Front".

Ok we are agree but the last time that the goverment try this we have a
civil war "los cristeros" What happend then and we are not talking about
forbid a religion we are talking about change a religion. In simple
terms how do you made that my grandmother pary to Tlaloc instead of San
Judas Tadeo or the Guadalupana.

> > Where is the PRI? What happend to it?
> The What????
The politic party that rule in Mexico for about a century.
It cames in the Aztlan Sourcebook

> > What's the reason behind the peso norma y peso libre?
> One of them is the currency utilized by the general public, and the currency
> used in the corporate transactions. But, again, I'm probably making this up.
> I haven't slept right today...

Neither do I :-)

> > What's the FDN?
> > Why is Pavon (The creator of the Aztlan party Gueterrez?
> I don't recall/remember either of these.

It cames in the Aztlan Sourcebook

> > Why Aztlan didn't take Los Angeles in the Dever Trate? And in the born
> > of CFS?
> Because of Japan most likely, and not wanting to irksome the really unstable
> political powers at the time.

Ok i like it one opinion :-)

> > How the Veracruz Settlement work?
> Because the corporate influences demanded it to happen, and because likely
> the Aztlan government.(the powers behind it) wanted to set back a bit and
> figure out better ways of getting what they wanted.

Ok We in mex know that but how do it work to make and example. Veracruz
is a state in which part of the state are the corps. They paid taxes.
Are a free zone. Some GM se Veracruz as a mexican Seattle.

> > How the Aztechnology piramide was built in the "Centro historico"?
> By leveling much of the old region. They chose it because of it's
> Historical, and Paranatural, significance to "the Past".

The problem is that the place that FASA choise to put the piramide is
over a dry lake. So if you built a big structure is going to sink. Like
the palacio de las bellas artes. And is a 3 Floor building. And nobody
is agree in which part of the "centro historico" is. How much space the
Piramide in Seattle have?

> > What happens to the Basilica de Guadalupe?
> It was destroyed.
there are 2, the colonial an the modern who was the destroyed. where do
you find this and di ti said how this happend.
COOL :-) if is in a book we have canon an we fill one hole.

> > Why there were no revels in Guatemala , El Salvador or another
> > acquisition countries?
> I'm sure there were, and I'm sure there was a LOT of fighting. Hell, I'm
> sure there is still a lot of fighting. However, Azatlan has a LOT of magical
> power, and they'd use it to keep those forces on the run, when placed in
> cooperation with their police/military forces. Additionally, the powers
> behind the formation of Aztlan were drug cartel oriented as well, as those
> people do have a very fair amount of influence in the said countries. IIRC,
> and admittedly this view is biased due to my having lived inside the american
> propoganda machine, those drug runners are seen as significant forces, often
> bringing steady jobs, steady money, and steady security to an otherwise
> unsteady environment.
beautifull another opinion to throw to my mxGM and players and the rest
of the list

> > Other Mexicans cities change names like Tenochtitlan?
> There has been no mentioning of that, and I'm not sure there would be *that*
> many. We konw that Veracruz wasn't changed, which is funny IMO, because
> there is nothing "Aztec" about that name. Maybe that's why the
> Settlement" was signed there. To the hard core "aztecs", the treaty
is just
> a bunch of fluff and paper, and part of a bigger masquerade.

I like it.

> > What happens in the conflict whit Texas?
> Something, that again IMO, was put there because the FASA writers at the time
> were trying to come up with something to have fun with.

Ok but the goal of this project is to justify do you have an a idea
about this. :-) i like the way you think.

> > How are the diplomatic relationships with the rest of the world?
> Strained at best, but that seems to be the status quo anyway.
> > How are conformed the biggest gangs in Aztlan? Colors territory,
> > organization
> The same as any other major "gang" IMO.

Yeah but what mayor gangs is there Ancianos in Aztlan for example? The
mexGM that i know are agree that the Cuervos are still in the Texas
border but what else?

> > Why if ORO is a Colombian cartel business is in Mexico instead of
> > Colombia? What's the relationship with Mexicans drug cartels?
> Ya know, I have often wondered that one myself Ahu...but, and again I may be
> misrecollecting here...Aztlan's border's extend into the northern most
> regions of South America (Columbia and Venezuela), so I guess we all have to
> consider that Aztlan is just plain and simply *NOT* Mexico.

Agree with that and is other that the mayor holes FASA speaks about
aztlan in Mexicns terms but forget other centroamerican nations that are
part of Aztlan. I hope we can correct this :-).
The problem is that ORO was made before Aztlan exist.

> > Did the Estado de Mexico Change name?
> Officially, it probably did just because of the linguistics. Unofficial, I
> doubt it.

There is no more mexico. We have a 50 50 in MexGM some said that know is
Estado de Aztlan (in FASA aztec language) other said it is TRI union
STATE in memory of the mesoamerican states that join forces with the

> > How do you translate Aztechnology?
> Reverse the words after you seperate them into their components.
> Technoligica de Azteca. IMO of course.

OK i like it.

> > What about the Possible rise of the Toltec's, the people the Aztec's took
> > over and assimilated? After all it was rumored that the return of
> > Quenzecotl<spelling?> would be the fall of the Smoking Mirror.
> As per the Aztlan Sourcebook, the Toltec factions are a historical thing that
> is part of just that, History. Many of the more hard core types would
> probably try and lay claim to their "Toltec" origins, and use it as an
> to start trouble for their own benefit. That is something that is currently
> done world round...I doubt that Aztlan would be immune to this fact of social
> chaos.

i put my opinon already aboput this subjetc.

> Anything else???

Tons of things :-)
but before post anything else im going to collect all the post about
this holes put in a single or many files to let every body see the
opinons that in MHO ant he opinons of the MexGM are consistent with
rules 1 and 2 then let every body read it and vote.

> -K

Thanks alot my friend


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