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Message no. 1
From: Ahuizotl cuellare@***
Subject: [Nerps] Re: PR Aztlan holes 1.0 L(English) 1.3
Date: Mon, 07 Jun 1999 00:31:26 -0500
Logan Graves escribió:
> In our last episode, cuellare@*** writes:
> >
> >
> > The first holes that I want to fulfill would be:
> > What's the name Aztlaners shadowruners give to MR Johnson?
> They've never said. Pity Nigel Findley is no longer with us. ;-( I'm sure
> he'd be mind-numbingly creative given a task like this!! *sigh*

Im sure about too. Is a pity. He made a great effort to bring life to a
mexians scenario not only in FASA but in WoD

> If Español or Mextec are still the unofficial (read: street) languages, then
> it'd be "Señor" instead of "Mr." as in:

Mextec. I like the sound of that to be a Street lenguage.

> Señor Sanchez (o_O?! Hrmm...maybe, but only if Sanchez holds the same
> meaning, as does Johnson in the UCAS.)
> "Johnson" to me suggests: "that which is unknown or
un-important" as in:
> Señor Que, Señor Quien (both roughly meaning: "Mr. Who")
> Señor Anónimo (Mr. Anonymous)
> Señor sin Nombre (Mr. Nameless)
> Señor Misterio (Mr. Mystery)
> That sort of thing.

Ok i like it.

> > What's the name aztlaners give to shadowrunners?
> What is a "'runner?" Certainly not a "corredor."
"Run" in this context means
> something more like "running a mission" or "running an errand"
> Mercenario ?
> Terrorista ?
> Grrr. That's about the limit of my remaining Español.
> So... I'd suggest looking for _cool-sounding_ words meaning:
> "One who does not exist"
> "One who does espionage"
> "One who does (covert) missions"
> Hope this sparks some ideas,

Lots thank alot.

> --Fenris

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