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Message no. 1
From: Predator Omega <ba1764@*******.BAYNET.DE>
Subject: NERPS [Stuff]: Cyberarms additional equipment
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 13:02:30 +0100
Multible ammunition feed for cyberlimb firearms
The multible ammunition feed can be used for all cyberweapons that use
normal ammunition. It consists of three different feeds. The first feed
is above the orginial feed of the weapon, the second can rotate to the
original feed, but this outer clip can't be hidden. The third shaft can
only be used for belts. The feeding system rotates in the proper
position and moves the clip or belt in the original feed of the weapon.
If one schaft is empty, the system rotates automaticaly to the next
schaft. If the MAF is aktivated it is alwys in the first position.
Changing the schaft is a Free Action.

Typ cost availability index
MAF mark 1 8500 8/10 days 2
MAF mark 2 9000 9/15 days 3

Anotation: Mark 1 can only be used for regular ammo, mark 2 takes only
caseless ammo.

CU Predator

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