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Message no. 1
From: Dave The Shade <IZZYUX2@*******.BITNET>
Subject: New Archtype/Contact
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1993 20:12:00 PDT
SUBMISSION: New Archtype/Contact
DESIGNER: David Altman
ADDRESS: izzyux2@*****.bitnet

Outcast Tir Noble

"You should not be afraid of my sword or gun, but rather my intellect and

"Why am I shadowrunning instead of living the life of a noble in Tir Tairngire?
It is better for you not to know . . . . but if you must, I can sum it up in
one word - Betrayal"

"My skills are those of warrior and general - I was trained by tutors mere
money could not hire. You can hire me, though, for an appropriately dear

The Outcast Tir Noble was raised in luxury, trained by the most exclusive
instructors in all the skills he would need to become a leader of the Elven
Nation. Unfortunately, he associated with people that were on the loosing
side of a internal power struggle. His "friends" blithely scapegoated him.
Ruined politically and socially he had to become an outcast. He is disen-
chanted with the Tir, but hopes to regain his rightful place.

Bod 3 Increased Relexes 2
Qui 5 Combat Sense 1
Str 3
Cha 3 *Outcast Tir Noble is a Physical Adept
Int 5
Wil 4 Armed Combat 6
Ess 6 Negotiation 4
Firearms 6
Rea (5 +2D6) Sperethriel 3
Leadership 6
Stealth 5

A Metahuman
B Skill
C Adept/Magic
D Attributes
E Money

***Variant 2 has Priorities A Metahuman, B Magic, C Resources, D Skills, E Att

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