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Message no. 1
From: "Paolo Falco" <Falco@****.it>
Subject: New logo and logos reply
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 1996 07:48:58 +0000
On 2 Jul 96, Mark A. Imbriaco wrote:

> I _really_ like the 'dark one' on Paolo's page. It would work
> very well on a web page with a dark background and, at least on
> my HP LJ4VM, it prints fairly nicely in black & white. (you
> lose the SR logo .. the red turns to a -very- light grey that
> isn't visible against the background)

Oh, gulp! The S Was meant to be blue! I have sent the wrong
logo! hee hee :) Actually, I had noticed that when greyscaled
the Shadowrun S became "transparent" (and thought of some evil
uses, you know, huge subliminal messgaes with "HEUTE DIE WELT,
MORGEN DER SONNENSYSTEM" written on them :)
I will send the blue one ASAP, together with a NEW ONE by Paolo
(1) Marcucci. (Geez, I like that, and not just coz he's an
Italian like me. Unlike my stuff, his one is ELEGANT! :) You
*SHOULD* (repeat should) be able to see them at the usual
address when this message reaches you.

As for greyscaling, I agree thoroughly with all of you, being
the proud owner of a B/W bubblejet. That is why I greyscale all
logos that pass from my grubby hands to see how they look :)

Paolo Falco | "I closed my shop and you brought only ONE
Ironbound Section | ball???" (from "Clerks" - & experience)
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