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Message no. 1
From: GKoth2258@***.COM
Subject: North and South America
Date: Sat, 12 Apr 1997 17:19:27 -0400

Algonkian-Manitou Council
See NAN#2.

Athabaskan Council
See NAN#2.

California Free State
See the California Free State Sourcebook.

Confederated American States (CAS)
See the NAGNA.

It should also be noted that CAS has followed the UCAS lead and recognized
the Yucatan Provisional Government. Aztlan has withdrawn all diplomatic
envoys and tensions along the border have reached unheard of levels, with
armed clashes becoming frighteningly regular.

Very much like Iceland, very little has changed on this island, with life
almost as rural as it was 60 years ago. It should be noted that dwarves are
the most populus metatype; this should not be construed as Greenland being a
"Dwarven Nation" however.

Pueblo Corporate Council
See NAN#1.

See the NAGNA.

Salish-Sidhe Council
See NAN#1.

Sioux Nation
See NAN#1.

Tir Tairngir
See Tir Tairngir Sourcebook.

Trans-Polar Aleut Nation
See NAN#2.

See NAN#2.

United Canadian and American States (UCAS)
See the NAGNA or Core Rules. Also see Portfolio of a Dragon or upcoming
Target: UCAS for more current situation.

It should be explicitly stated that the UCAS is currently is a state of flux;
with the recent assassination of President Dunkelzahn, the drastic rise of
racially motivated hate crimes and President Haeffner's recent recognition of
the Yucatan Provisionary Government (thus causing virtually all diplomatic
relations with Aztlan to cease), life in the UCAS has become very unsure.

Ute Nation
See NAN#1.


Central America
See Aztlan Sourcebook.
See Aztlan Sourcebook.

It should also be noted that the Yucatan Provisionary Government, while not a
true nation, has received some international recognition, even without any
real government or even amdassadors.

Caribbean League
(see upcoming Cyber-Pirates Sourcebook)

>Don't forget the Carib League makes scads of legal nuyen in addition to
being a pirate's haven. Real sugar, real rum and some of the best real
vacation sites in the world. A small side effect of having hardly any heavy

South America

Amazonia comprises much of South America. This region is commonly believed
to now be controlled by a council of Awakened tribes and Eco-terrorist
organizations. The truth is apparently not too far from that myth. The
rumors of Eco-terrorists appears to be simply Aztlan propaganda, but there
does appear to be a number of Awakened animals, possibly even a feathered
serpent and a shapeshifter in the cabal that runs Amazonia. The nation is
actively pro-environmental (including occasional terrorism) and it is "common
knowledge" that powerful magic was used to restore the Amazonian rain

There is currently something of a "Cold War" between Amazonia and Aztlan.
The two nations do everything they can to interfere with each other and it
is "common knowledge" among ambassadorial circles that it was Amazonia that
wrecked Aztlan's recent proposed trade deal with Syria. It is also commonly
believed in embassies that Aztlan destroyed an environmental information
sharing agreement between the UCAS and Amazonia. Clearly, there is no love
lost between these two nations.

>That's an understatement. And this "Cold War" very frequently turns into
little hot flashes along the border.
>Black Dog

Very little in the way of significant changes for this nation. It has gained
some territory (Uruguay and Paraguay) to the chagrin of Amazonia, but the two
nations get along reasonably well in any case. Despite the fact Argentina
still remains relatively poor, it has, since the Awakening, finally achieved
political stability. This is largely seen as a result of two factors.
First, the democratically elected government was able to keep the nation
under control during the Awakening and second, there has been constant, if
small (1-2%) economic growth every year, with controllable inflation.

Much as with Argentina, there has been minimal changes for Chile, with the
exception of some small territorial gains in what was Peru and Bolivia.
Chile and Argentina have recently begun negotiations on a mutual protection
treaty, but many years of distrust have made negotiations very tense and very


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