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Message no. 1
From: Jason Batchelor <jbatchel@*****.CS.DU.EDU>
Subject: Okay, here goes...
Date: Sun, 4 Sep 1994 18:49:26 -0600
Okay, the introductoy info on how to use the listserv was nice. The short
blurb that I read in NERPS FAQ piqued my interest, so I signed on.

Uhm, can anyone bring me up to speed as to what is being discussed? Or,
rather, what I should be posting about? (I'm afraid that the part in the
FAQ that was supposed to be used to tell me what the current topic of
discussion is, did not, somehow, come along with the FAQ. Go fig.)

Currently, this listserv info that I see here, and posts on it or because
of it, will most likely be seen by myself and my roomate. Both of us have
been playing SR for 2-3 years, though actually neither of us had any
GMing of it until SRII came out.

Now, he's going to be running a somewhat 'by the books' game, trying to
drag, push, teleport, or just plain hoist us all through the adventures
that FASA has so nicely written up for us.:)
Myself, I hope to run a group where the characters start off as new
recruits in that oh-so-august pinnacle of justice (*caff*haggh*choke*)
known as Lone Star. See how far they can climb, before they get booted
down into the Shadows.;) (Yeah, I can also be a real sadistic GM too...;))

So, for now, I guess that'll be all, as I can't really think of anything
else to talk about. Let me know what y'all think, and what's going on.
Slot me in, and let's get the programs running.

(also Murphy on AmberMUSH)


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