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Message no. 1
From: Mark Steedman <RSMS@******.EEE.RGU.AC.UK>
Subject: Physical Magicians
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 1995 10:20:46 GMT
Ok - notes on the last posting labeled Submission on this subject.
That message is the body of my Usenet post on the subject, i know
there are a few things it does not sort out but i cannot remember the
details off hand. I folks are interested in expanding our
'paranormals' coverage into these sort of new powers e.t.c. i will get
round to working out the bits i forgot sometime when you've all had
chance to have a say and repost the results, hopefully playable. Note
to those that have heard of a FASA version, there is one in the Neo
Anarchists playtest file, i wrote my rules months before i heard of
that and also FASA took a completely different line, you could easily
use both sets of rules (well once you get hold of the FASA ones

Awaiting comments, i'll send my Dragon to deal with flames!

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