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Message no. 1
From: dhinkley@***.org
Subject: Plastic Guns--Final Version
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 1996 00:42:13 -0700 (PDT)

Here is the final version of my submission. Comments and recomendations
are both welcome and requested.

David Hinkley

Copyright (C) 1996
All rights reserved
David G. Hinkley

Plastic Guns

>>>>>[while wandering the Matrix I came across this, thought it might be of
interest to some of you]<<<<<<
--Phantom (H:M:S/D-M-Y)

>>>>>[Just wandering...right, Information Circulars are for internal use
The only place the Phantom could get this is off one Lone Star's Computer
systems. If it is authentic.......]<<<<<<
--Electronic Wizzard (13:26:52/06-09-57)

>>>>>[Its authentic, I have seen a hard copy]<<<<<<
--Anonimo Beccacciniero (#:@:&/%-$-!)

Department of Surveillance, Division of Investigation Austin
Information Circular #561034A
26 September 2057
Dist: All Departments, All Divisions

The following items have recently been seized during investigations in
Seattle, Austin, and Atlanta. Officers are advised to adjust their search and
surveillance methods to reflect the unique characteristics of these weapons.

>>>>>["Officers are advised to adjust..." now isn't that a
interesting turn of
phrase? I think I detect a hidden message.]<<<<<
--Shadowrider (23:23:23/02-04-01)

>>>>>[Very astute of you Shadowrider. You are quite correct. It is the
ending friction between staff and line management. Staff cannot give orders, yet
there are cases when they should be able to and this is one of them. What they
are trying to say is...Metal detectors are no longer reliable, frisk everybody
to insure that they are not carrying. Of course if they said this the Line
management would be so up in arms over the fact that it was in the form of an
order that the message content would be lost. Aren't bureaucracies
wonderful...they make our life so much easier :) ]<<<<<
--Whispering Death (01:08:26/06-09-57)

Composite Shotgun: A double-barreled weapon manufactured of ceramic and plastic
composites, utilizing ammunition of the same materials. This as this weapon
contains no metal parts of any kind it is not detectable by metal detectors,
when disassembled it is difficult to identify with X-ray scanning, and due to
the limited amount of propellant contained in the ammunition chem-sniffers are
of limited use. The composite material used is off white in color, however two
of the specimens seized had been painted, one to resemble a conventional shotgun
the other in a woodland camouflage pattern. It is believed that these are part
of a limited production run. Ballistic examination of this weapon shows it to be
as effective as the conventional shotgun against soft targets. insufficient
ammunition was seized with the test samples to provide for full testing. Medical
Department tests reveal that the composite flechettes used in the shells are
X-ray transparent making wound treatment difficult.

Plastic Rocket Pistol: This weapon will chamber standard Transcon 7 mm GyroJet
ammunition, but the example was seized with a partial clip of explosive
ammunition made of composite materials. The weapon is light grey in color about
15 cm long and weights .2 kg empty. The detachable springless magazine holds 8
rounds. This weapon is not detectable at all by metal detectors, when
disassembled it is difficult to identify with X-ray scanning, and due to the
limited amount of propellant contained in the ammunition chem-sniffers are of
limited use. Ballistic examination of this weapon shows it to be as effective as
the conventional GyroJet against soft targets. Medical Department tests reveal
that the fragments from the explosive rounds are X-ray transparent making wound
treatment difficult.

While these weapons are similar in concept, close examination of the
materials and manufacturing techniques used indicates that it is extremely
likely that they are being manufactured by different organizations and were
designed by different individuals. Further information will be released as it
becomes available in the R&D Evaluation Sections regular monthly Tech Bulletin.
Headquarters Lone Star is extremely interested in identifying the source of
these and similar weapons as well as detection methods effective in identifying
individuals carrying items of this type.

Class 28C funding is available to reimburse out of pocket expenses
associated with the collection of accurate information regarding the source of
these items. Include expense vouchers with your reports, signed receipts are not
required. Section 16, Department of Surveillance is to be informed immediately
of the recovery of, or information regarding the source of these items.

>>>>>[Class 28C funds?]<<<<<
--Bugsy (18:09:13/06-09-57)

>>>>>[Class 28C funds come from Lone Star Headquarters, Austin and are not
charged against the local Lone Star office. The use of these funds for an
investigation of this type indicates that senior officials are extremely
interested in this matter. Of even more interest is the total lack of
information relating to how the samples tested came into Lone Star's control.
Normally one would expect that some information would be released to provide
some leads for investigators to start from.]<<<<<
--Shadowrider (23:25:56/03-07-98)

>>>>>[The Star is out on the street looking hard and their fixed security
are doing more frisks then normal ]<<<<<
--Whispering Death (01:09:53/07-09-57)

>>>>>[The question is who is making these, I for one would like to get one
of my
--Bugsy (18:10:52/06-09-57)

>>>>>[Good luck, finding the source of these would be hard enough, now that
Man is looking it will be harder yet. Be careful that you are not caught up in a
sting operation]<<<<
--Anonimo Beccacciniero (#:@:&/%-$-!)


The circumstances under which player characters could come into possession
or in contact with of one of these weapons has been left intentionally vague.
They could be the seed for one of two variations of an adventure. The first is
the players seek out the manufacture of one of these and then sell that
information to Lone Star or other agency. The other is the players attempt to
obtain one or more of these weapons for their own use. in some respects the
second should be easier as there is no need to identify the maker or his
motives. However, given Lone Star's interest in the weapons the use of them
should attract a lot of unwanted attention.

The equipment and raw materials needed to make these weapons is readily
available in 2057. And the design concepts are not particularly exotic or
difficult to work out. The main reason there are two reasons that they are not
being made by a large number of manufacturers has more to do with the weapons
market then difficulty in manufacturing. The only thing these weapons have going
for them is in how hard they are to detect. Otherwise they are basically junk. A
commercial sporting shotgun with its barrels and stock cut down is a cheaper and
more effective weapon then the composite shotgun. And the ammunition is more
easily obtained. GyroJet weapons are notorious for being inaccurate. So unless
the buyer needs an undetectable weapon, there are a lot of other choices that
have a lot fewer headaches. Of course if you need a undetectable weapon they are
worth their weight in gold. Many of the headaches associated with owning and
using them, extend to the manufacturers of this type of weapon. The authorities
don't want them circulating, as they make providing reasonable levels of
security difficult and more intrusive. As a result they are actively looking for
the makers of this type of weaponry.

The combination of the limited market, the high risk and high profit limits
the makers to one of two possibilities. The first is an individual or small
company, will to take the risk for the high return of making them for sale. The
weapons would be available to anyone who can afford to buy them. The sale would
be conducted through intermediatory, cut-outs and similar methods that reduce
the risk of discovery and arrest of the maker. The buyer would have little
opportunity to meet the maker and almost no chance to discover the location of
the manufacturing facility.

The second possibility is that the weapons were made by or specifically for
a terrorist organization or particular corporate special operation team. If this
is the case the only way the players should be able to get one is by either
being a member of the organization or by taking from the hands of a deceased
member. However the maker or supplier of the weapons should be somewhat easier
to locate as he would have a degree of affiliation with the using organization.

Given the interest in these weapons (from both shadowrunners and Lone Star)
it is extremely likely that cheap knock-offs (some completely unsafe to use)
will show up as will a variety of scams, traps and the like. To further
complicate matters is the possibility that both weapons types are in existence
locally, and that one is being made for profit and the other by a terrorist
organization for its own use.

Prior to introducing either weapon into his campaign the Gamemaster should
decide which manufacturing motive best fits his game. He should also work out
the details, who is making them, why he is making them, how they could be
obtained and the relative availability. After everything has been worked out
then give the Shadowland download to your players and watch the fun.


Conceal Ammo Mode Damage Choke Weight Avail Cost SI
Plastic Shotgun 6* 2(b) SS 8S 2 .5 GMs Discretion
Ammunition, per 10 12* - - - - .25 GMs Discretion

Note: Legality rating of this weapon and ammunition is 1-K. This weapon can not
accept a silencer, suppressor, gas vent system or any barrel mounted accessory.
It CANNOT chamber or fire conventional shotgun ammunition of any type. Use Light
pistol range table. *This weapon is not detectable by metal detectors, or X-ray
type machines. The target number for chem sniffers is 14.

Type Conceal Ammo Mode Dam Weight Avail Cost SI
Plastic GyroJet Light 5* 12(c) SA 7L .2 GMs Discretion
Ammunition, per 10 - 12* - - - .25 GMs Discretion

Note: Legality rating of this weapon is 1-K. These pistols can not accept
silencers, suppressor, or gas vent systems. While a GyroJet pistol is not silent
and the sound of the pistol firing is distinctive, it does not sound like a gun
shot. Use the explosive ammunition rules (SRII p93) the power rating has
already been adjusted. *This weapon is not detectable by metal detectors, or
X-ray type machines. The target number for chem sniffers is 14. Damage when
using conventional 7mm GyroJet ammunition is 6L and the Target Number for
detection by metal detectors and X-ray type detectors is 8 (of the ammunition)

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