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Message no. 1
From: "David J. Altman" <khanx@******.COM>
Subject: Plot: A Look at the Dark Side
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1993 23:30:45 -0800
A Look at the Dark Side
The 'runners are approached by a very desperate man. He wants them
to find a person, or more specifically, an identity ---- his own, in
fact. He has alot of cred quite a bit of jewelry and magickal artifacts.
He has no identification or memory. He remembers running away from some
people trying to kill him at the waterfront a few days ago over some kind
of deal. Other than that he remembers nothing.
When the 'runners go asearching they find out that their mystery man is
wanted bu alot of people, who all know him by different names and identities.
So who is he ? Is he Baron von Clausewitz the terrorist, Francesco Vitesse
the hitman, Jonthon Poldon the philanthropist, or Tomaas DeVega the
spy ? Or maybe he is all of these people . . . and more than anyone

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