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Message no. 1
From: Chris Innanen <cgi@*******.JHUAPL.EDU>
Subject: PLOT: Compass to Atlantis
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1993 01:51:00 -0500
Compass to Atlantis
Lodged near the bottom of the deepest region of the sea, resting on a
ledge in a trench hundreds of miles long, buried under mile after mile
of oppressive water, waits Atlantis. For centuries it has lay dormant,
untouched by treasure hunters, researchers, and government funded deep
sea exploration teams. It has existed for so long, the motions of the
Earth's crust has carried it to its doom, a crushing death between the
subsiding plates of rock. Time is running out for it, and the old magics,
reawakened by the impending disaster, have begun to call out for aid.
The old knowledge must be preserved, and the dead city knows it no longer
can protect its charge of information with obscurity.
An unimportant ancient artifact long forgotten in the vaults of the
corp museum came to life, glowing and pulsing with an inner light. The
curators and experts examined it determining its origin, the mythical
oceanic city-state Atlantis, and its purpose, to lead a party there.
J: "We'll give you a guide to get you down there. No sub goes that deep."

Chris Innanen cgi@*******

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