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Message no. 1
From: George Campbell <daishi@*******.EECS.NWU.EDU>
Subject: PLOT: Grassroots Rebellion
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 1994 01:45:47 -0600
Grassroots Rebellion
Sick and tired of being trod upon by the large megacorps people of all
races and backgrounds are coming together just outside of Seattle to put an
end to them - one at a time if need be and at any cost. They want to hire
your team to train them in the skills the need to have a chance at survival.
Of course the megacorps would rather see them all dead and you with them, so
the campsite begins to look like another Desert War only in the forest. Then
you find out the core of the movement is actually in the pay of Ares and are
but a front to cut down some of the competitors and at the same time to weed
out undesirables from the masses.

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