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From: Dwayne Baker <dabaker@***.EDU>
Subject: PLOT: I Want My Son Back!
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 1994 15:15:53 -0600
I Want My Son Back!
Mr Johnson a vice president of public relations for Knight Errant
(or LoneStar if the players need a legal out); contacts the runners to
locate and retrieve his son. Mr Johnson explains that his son had decided
to go to SSECCa Technical Academy and after some discussion Mr. Johnson
had agreed to the school. His son was doing extremely well there and had
an ideal GPA despite his wide ranged involvement in athletics, vehiclular
technologies and computers during his first semester. During his second
semester he started not being at his dorm, withdrawn from society despite
his continued school involvement. Things got worse over the next to
years when he graduated I didn't even find out untill a month later.
Recently I was running some things on the computer ran a trace on my son's
SIN and got a message that no such SIN exists.

MJ- " I WANT MY SON BACK!! I don't care what you do or who you kill.
Just bring him back!"

GM Notes: Mr. Johnson's son is still working through the SSECCa Technical
Academy & Mr. Finaish. Remmember that Mr. Finaish Can call on
25 - 40 students to repell the runners. These students are mostly
half trained partially cybered individuals.

Reccommended Materials: SPRAWL: SSECCa Technical Academy
CHARACTER: Mr. Finaish
CHARACTER: Dr. Elenbright
CHARACTER: Coach Cackrin
CHARACTER: Dr. Lientze
CHARACTER: Dr. Eizenreich

There you go Hayden.
That's it for me

Sorry about the latenesss of them.

Gummy Bears in the Mail When I have some Left <<HaHaHa,fat chance>> :)

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