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Message no. 1
From: Neal A Porter <nap@*****.PHYSICS.SWIN.OZ.AU>
Subject: PLOT: Making Up Lost Time
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1993 15:32:23 +1100
Making up for lost time
THe characters are ask to attend a meet with their most reliable
fixer (read one who hasn't double crossed them... Much). Upon
attendance they are offered a job for three days, paying a huge
50KnY each for their time. BUT, the catch is that at the end of the
contract they are to be mind-wiped for those days. When/If the
characters agree the 'Johnson' places a metal globe on the table,
asking all of them to watch it closely as they require a significant
event to wipe back to. The globe then opens and the characters are
blinded by a bright light, and everything goes black. (Cliched I

As the light slowly returns the players find themselves strapped
into couches with strange helmets on their heads, in a white room.
And Yes it is three days later.

What happens now is up to the GM, you could just leave it at this
and have the players wondering what has happened. Or the PCs could
suddenly find someone, or something hunting them (My favorite was
insect spirts), and have no idea why.

In any event its up to the PCs to find out just exactly what
they did in that 'lost' time.

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