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Message no. 1
From: Chris Ryan <chrisr@*******.FIT.QUT.EDU.AU>
Subject: PLOT: What I would like...
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 1994 14:19:41 --1000
What I would like...
The PCs are contacted via one of their fixer contacts who asks them to
assist in obtaining a few items needed for presents (perhaps for Christmas or
Birthdays). Naturally these items should be quite exotic and difficult
to get. Some suggestions for items are:

. Tribal artifact (weapon/carving/whatever)
. Painting from renown artist (who maybe publicly shy and reluctant to deal
with PCs)
. Autograph from famous, reclusive urban brawler (who has lots of hirelings to
deal with troublesome fans)

This plot can be used to give the PCs the run-around or to lead to further
sub-plots. A good run-around would be to have A want something B has, who in
turn wants something C wants, etc.

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