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Message no. 1
From: "Gurth" <gurth@******.nl>
Subject: Real Estate Costs
Date: Fri, 31 May 1996 09:47:33 +0100
I suddenly remembered that someone called Stephen Bugge had once talked
with me about doing a NERPS article (for Underworld) about real estate
costs in Seattle. So I went digging in my Eudora mailboxes (which have a
few huge gaps due to frequent crashes :( :( ) and found the following. I
don't think Stephen is still on NERPS, so I've sent him a private mail
asking him whether or not we're still allowed to use it. If I can't reach
him, I will assume we have his permission -- after all, he did give it to
me back in September last year.

Also, I had converted the measurements to metric back then, and if I'm
right Stephen had agreed with using those instead of the Imperial ones in
his article. I'll see if I can find that one...


Date: Fri, 8 Sep 1995 12:58:22 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Stephen M. Bugge" <bugge@********.edu>
Sender: "Stephen M. Bugge" <bugge@********.edu>
Reply-To: "Stephen M. Bugge" <bugge@********.edu>
Subject: Real Estate /my NERPS proposal
To: Gurth <gurth@******.NL>
X-UIDL: 810591970.001

This is my first draft of the Real Estate Evaluation rules for NERPS. I
have intentionally made for the huge spread in land value, to try to
reflect the vast gulf between the Corporate bigwigs and the average
person, and to reflect what I suspect would be an inflationary period for
tfe UCAS. Still If some of the property values seem rediculously high or
low let me know and I'll try to work with you to patch something workable

1 acre = 43560 square feet or a 208 foot, 8inch square lot.

The average Seattle urban lot is about 1/25 that size or about 1600
square feet. All prices will be based on a 1600 foot lot. Unimproved
land has a base value of twelve times the average lifestyle of the
neighborhood. Double <or more at GM discretion for luxury> the value if
the property has been 'improved', meaning a reasonably well kept business,
apartment, house, or park. In the case of a skyscraper or other major
construction add one hundred million nuyen construction cost <if you as GM
decide that the building in question cost more or less to build feel free
to adjust the one hundred million figure> less one percent per year the
building has been standing. Crime and security also affect the value of
land. In the Seattle Source book there are security ratings given for the
various neighborhoods, the scale goes from AAA to E. A 'C' grade
neighborhood is average. Triple A rated neighborhoods have property
values at 200% of normal, Double A are at 150%, single A 25%, B grade are
110%, C are normal value, D are 85%, and E are at 75%. Zoning also
affects land value, Industrial zoned land is worth 95% of normal, dense
residential is worth 100% of normal value, Commercial zoned land is worth
115% and light residential <single family dwellings> are worth 120%.
Other factors that affect land value are; view, pollution, beachfront,
and nearby land marks. Beach front Property is worth roughly four times
comprable non beach front property, view property will be worth between
50% more and 50% less depending on what the view is <Nice house, Yard,
Great view of Redmond Barrens>. Pollution, now we all know that Seattle
is fairly polluted, this refers to over and above the normal amount. This
may drive down property values as much as 50%, on the other hand if an
area has less pollution than normal the land value may go up to double
normal. Landmarks may drive property up or down by up to 10% of it's
value. A park or famous building may drive it up, while a highway or
trainyard would most likely drive it down. The predominatnt race of a
neighborhood may influence what property is worth, this will be highly
subjective and is left to GM and player discretion. Note that most land
is owned by Corps and land barons who make a living off renting out
parcels of land, only the very successful are likely to own their own
plot, although for those outside the shadows mortgages and loans are
easily available with proof of credit.

When figuring the market value of a parcel of land or a building, figure
it in this order, base value <avg. lifestyle *12> Decide if it is improved
or unimproved <double if improved>, modify by zoning < use zoning
modifier>, modify by Security <use rating modifier>, check for other

EX. 1600 foot lot in Redmond Barrens, contains an unmaintained squat.
AVG. Lifestyle Squatter 100Y*12 00Y, unimproved no change, Zoned dense
residential no changes, security rating E, 1200Y*75%0Y, no view, no
beach, standard pollution, near a nice park add let's say 2% 900*102%‘8Y
So 918Y is the final value of the squat, who wants it?

EX 1acre Mansion on Magnolia's perkins lane
AVG lifestyle luxury 100000*1200000Y, improved, mansion is an
improvement I'd say,
double 2400000Y, light residential 2400000*120%(80000Y, AAA neighborhood
2880000*200%W60000Y, beach and view *4 and *150% 456000Y * 25parcels
†4000000Y. Save your Yen for this one. Although a 30 year financing
plan makes this just 2.4 m Y per month a few top execs. and CEOs maybe.

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