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From: Shadowdancer <BRIDDLE@*****.VINU.EDU>
Subject: ReSUBMISSION: Astral Vortex
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 1995 17:19:31 EST
Shadowlore II
Astral Vortexes

...taken from "Magician's Life", pg. 44, issue 8, volume 3, 2055

"Many strange occurances have happened since the Awakening, but
the most baffleing is the emergence of the Astral Vortex. These
spacial anomilies resemble a black hole, and open into astral space.
Any living being, be it plant or animal, is affected by a gravity like
force. It is theorized that a mana backwash is the cause of this force,
though no solid evidence yet existes. The cause of a Vortex is yet
unkown, but many speculate that nuclear devices, the death of a
great spirit or dragon, or the rupture of a Ley Nexus are the culprits.
There is also a disturbing rumor of a new spell circulating called
that could cause this horrible atrocity. Dr. Daniels, metaphycisit for
MIT&M, was reported...."

No one yet knows the cause of astral vortexes, but they are nasty.
They are great holes that open into astral space, sucking up any
living being. Technological or dead items are not affected. Vortexes
appear and disappear randomly, though can be caused by anything.
They are very rare in most parts of the world, but have been
increasing in frequency in Australia and Amazonia.

Nuclear devices are thought to be one of the causes of these
anomilies. Though most nuclear bombs have not been successfully
used since the Awakening, Vortexes have been noticed in parts of
what was Arizona, near the nuclear testing sites, and on large one
was reported in the center of what was once Hiroshima. There is a
rumor that their is a Vortex under Chicago....

It is also thought that Vortexes can form anywhere that massed
technology and magic was used against each other. This conclusion
was reached after the second Vortex was reported, seven days after
the skirmish between Tir Taringir and Free Cal.

The vortex has three attributes: Base force, range, and effective
The base force can be determined randomly. Range is equal to base
force x 6, and effective force is base force + range. When any living
thing gets into the range, it must make an opposed test, Strength vs
effective force. Subtract the distance of the creature(from the center
the vortex) from the effective force. This roll is made every turn the
creature is within range.

Example: Trudy the troll casually strolls into the range of a Vortex.
The Vortex has a range of 36 and an effective force of 42. She is
away from the center, and her Strength is 11. She must roll 11 dice
against 22, and the vortex rolls 22 dice against 11. Bye bye Trudy.

Even if the creature resistes the pull, it must resist a (EF)M every
until out of range.

Magicians can combat the vortex by entering astral space and
performing astral combat or casting spells. The target is the base
force, but the magician must avoid anything pulled into astral space.
Spells cast on the physical side of the vortex are lost in astral space.

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