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Message no. 1
From: Greig Chisholm <885060ch@****.GLA.AC.UK>
Subject: Resubmission: Image Integration Camera
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 1995 17:08:30 GMT
Image Integration Camera


Image Integration Camera

Ever tried to find a needle in a haystack? Then you'll know how difficult it can
be, and you'll appreciate the obvious benefits of the image integration camera
(IIC). This camera which is sold in either goggle form, binocular form, or as a
cyber system, allows the quick identification of an individual from amongst a
crowd, and will even reveal the presence of someone who is in disguise.

This marvellous item, brought to you by ApriSoft Systems, works by storing an
image of the person sought in the memory of the unit. When the unit is then
activated, the user can scan a crowd of people and the IIC will highlight the
person the user seeks. The IIC processes the visual data faster, and more
accurately than the human eye and gives equal attention to all subjects within
its field of view. The person who fits the image stored in the memory is
highlighted in a green outline.

If the IIC is used to search for someone in disguise then the outline is in red,
and the IIC may highlight more than one individual. This is because when
searching for someone in disguise, the camera will pick up all individuals
within its field of vision which fit the dimensions of the person being
searched for within a certain margin of error. Although this technique will not
find those whose appearances have been radically altered by magic or by
cosmetic surgery, its use in the field, particularly in areas of dense
population such as the sprawl, cannot be denied.

In terms of the game system, when searching for someone, the rating of the IIC
adds to the Intelligence attribute of the person searching. The same applies
when looking for someone in disguise although in this case the target number
will be higher, for example, 4 for searching for someone, and 6 if that person
is in disguise. These numbers should be modified depending on the
circumstances, e.g. the visibility table (SRII p89) should be applied. The
target number may be increased depending on the quality of the image available.
Different stored images of a single individual may decrease the target number.

A single image can be stored in the IIC's memory for each megapulse of memory
that is installed. A maximum of 10MP can be installed. Ratings of 1-3 are


Essence Cost Availability Cost

Binocular IIC - (Rating+4)/48hrs 1000xratingY+50/MP

Goggle IIC - (Rating+5)/48hrs 5000xratingY+75/MP

Cyber IIC .2 (Rating+6)/72hrs 10000xratingY+100/MP

The street index for all types and ratings is 1.5.

>>>>>[Essential part of my kit when I'm tailing

>>>>>[All you've got to do to beat it is to dress up in outrageous clothes.
weirder the shape, the smaller the chance of a lock from the IIC]<<<<<

>>>>>[If you're going to dress like that, I'm not going to need an IIC to
you am I?]<<<<<

>>>>>[Good point]<<<<<

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