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From: "Robert A. Hayden" <hayden@*******.MANKATO.MSUS.EDU>
Date: Sun, 5 Feb 1995 15:58:41 -0600
Psionic Mastery
Those that believe the mind is not limitless can never know true
-- Col. Patrick J. Hawthorne
4th Circle Master
Epsilon Division, Tir Psi-Corps

Mastery is similiar to the magical practice known as Initiating. It
consists of a great deal of time and energy expended to accomplish a
greater inner focus and the ability to wield greater amounts of power. It
is not easy, nor is it cheap, nor is it quick. It is only the truly
dedicated or the truly lucky that manage to become Master Psionicists.
All full psionicists can expend time and karma in the search for higher
enlightenment. Adept and Wild Psionicists can also become masters, but
are limited to 3rd level for adepts, and 2nd level for Wilds.

Psionicists start at "Mastery Level 0". The number is used to determine
partially the number of dice in both the Psionic Pool and Psionic Hacking
Pool. It is also beneficial to the psi's Psionics rating, and used as a
pre-requisite for some meta-powers (see below). As an esper gains levels
of Mastery, this increase in skill will be represented by additional dice
to his pools as well as the ability to learn powerful meta-abilities.

Mastery is a long and difficult process. Karma must be expended at the
following rate:
(6 + level) x 3
For example, if Brock wishes to rise from a 3rd level Master to
4th level, it will cost 30 karma [ie. (6+4)x3].

Karma costs can be affected by various factors:
* Member of a Psionic Group x 2/3
* Studying with a Master at least
3 grades higher x 3/4
Undergoing an Ordeal x 2/3

NOTE: * indicates these are exclusive and cannot be combined.

Brock, a member of the Minneapolis Area Psionics League (a group) has
been given the task by the League's leader to spend 30 days alone
in the mountains in order to task himself and find oneness with
himself. Because he is both the member of the group, and is going
to undergo an ordeal, the total karma cost is 14 (30 - 10 - 6).
Brock packs his bags for the mountains.

In addition, it will take time to achieve Mastery. The base time it will
take to go up one level is:
(12 x Level) weeks
For example, in the above example, Brock must spend a base time of
48 weeks in training to reach level 4.

This total time is reduced by a successful Psionic Theory
(Mastery) rool against a target number equal to four plus the level
of mastery. The total number of successes divides the total time
required by that number.

Brock has a Psionic Theory skill of 7. To decrease the amount of
time, he rolls seven dice with a target of eight. Getting three
successes, Brock needs only spend 16 weeks in training.

The availability of a Psionic Library with a rating of at least the
level to be attained will reduce the target number by two. A Psionic
Library costs (Level^2 x 1,000). The library is available in either
computer or printed form, with no difference in effectiveness. The size
of the computer form is (Level^2 x 50MP).

Brock has a Psionic Library Level 5 available on his portable
computer. It cost him 25,000 nuyen and takes up 1250MP of storage
space (yes, it's big). Brock rerolls to determine the amount of
time it will take to study, this time with a target number of six.
His seven dice yield four successes. It will now only take 12
weeks of study.

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