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Message no. 1
From: Chris McKinnon <cmckinno@********.CA>
Subject: Resubmission: TanglexTM
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 1994 04:02:43 -0400


TanglexTM is a new polymer developed by Hodge Chemicals (Toronto). The
polymer is based upon a kineto-sensitive chain that shrinks or constricts
when force is applied. This has manifested into several new weapon


Tangler Grenade

This grenade uses a reservoir of TanglexTM and a small concussive force to
deliver it. When the grenade detonates, it releases a large volume of
TanglexTM that coats all within its area of effect. Now, as the target
(who is covered in this "goo") begins to move, the polymer begins to
constrict, and form strands. The more the target struggles, the more
the chemical constricts.

For determining blast radius, the grenade has a effective Damage Rating
of "10D", with a Power reduction of -1 per metre. Any targets caught
within this radius must make a Quickness test vs. the Power of the
grenade to see if they are covered in the chemical. Characters may use
their Combat Pool to augment this test. Armour does not help in this test.

If the target doesn't manage to stage the damage down to nothing, then
he has been, to some extent, covered with the chemical. See the chart
to determine effects.

Tangle Grenade Effects

Turns Until
Damage Damage Effects

"Deadly" 1 The target has one turn until the stuff
begins to constrict. If the target
continues to struggle after this time he
must resist 10M Stun damage each turn
that he continues to struggle. The target
may use 1/2 Impact Armour to help reduce
the Power of the attack. Eventually the
target will fall unconscious or stop
struggling. The target is assumed to have
a Quickness of 0.
"Serious" 2 Same as above, except the target must
resist 8L Stun damage. The target will
have one limb (choose or randomly
determine) free. There is a 50% chance
that the target will have another limb
free as well. Movement of free limbs does
not count as struggling. Note: The head
counts as a limb. Quickness is still 0
(unless both legs are free, and then the
target may move at 1/3 Quickness.
"Moderate" 3 Same as above, except that the target must
resist 6L Stun damage. The target does not
become immobilized, but suffers a penalty
of +3 to Target Numbers for all Active
Skills, and B/R Skills. In addition, his
Quickness is halved, and he loses 1D6 from
his Initiative. The target is considered
to be only "half-covered".
"Light" N/A With this level, there is no damage to be
resisted, but the character still suffers
a +1 to Target Numbers, and his Quickness
is reduced by 1. The target also suffers a
-2 on his initiative (no dice loss).

When animals are hit, they will continue to struggle until they are
unconscious (Intelligence of 2 or less), or cannot move (Intelligence 3+).

TanglexTM is flame-proof (besides, who wants to burn their friends out of
the stuff), but will eventually dissolve after 12 hours. There is also
a spray solvent that will cause the chemical to dissolve within 2 turns.

In order to break or tear TanglexTM, the target must make an Opposed
Success Test versus the Strength of the compound (12). For every net
success that the target manages to gain, he reduces the Strength of
the TanglexTM by 1. Once it has reached a Strength of 0, the target
is free of the TanglexTM. For every two net success that the TanglexTM
gets, the target takes 1 point of Stun damage.

This chemical can also be loaded into mines, bombs, and special "Tangler
Guns" that fire a spray of the stuff. See Tangler Gun.

Cost: 250Y ea. Availability: 8/14 days
Street Index: 3 Legality: 3-I
Weight: 0.3 kg

TanglexTM Solvent
Cost: 150Y /can Availability: 6/6 days
Street Index: 3 Legality: Legal
Weight: .25 kg

Each canister has enough to counter 10 applications of TanglexTM (i.e. one
grenade, etc.) Mines and bombs must be described in terms of multiples
of one grenade for the purposes of determining "application".

Tangler Gun
Type: "Shotgun" Conceal: 2
Mode: SS Ammunition: 6 (m)
Damage: "4D" Weight: 4.5 kg
Availability: 8/14 days Legality: 5-F
Cost: 2,100Y Street Index: 2

These work in the same manner as the Tangler Grenades, except that the
"damage" is lower, and the effects are not quite as drastic. When a
target is hit with a TanglexTM round, he resists the damage normally,
except that he does not reduce the Power with a armour.

If the target does not stage down the "damage", then he takes no damage,
but instead takes penalties to his Quickness and Target Numbers. Add
the appropriate penalties to Target Numbers for the damage taken
(i.e. if the target takes "Deadly" damage, he suffers +3 to all TN for
active skills, and -3 to all Initiative rolls). In addition, for every
round that hits in excess of the target's Body, reduce the target's
Quickness by 1.

For example, Toad (BOD 3, QUICK 5, Combat Pool 6) is shot at with a
Tangler Gun. The first round hits, and Toad rolls 6 (3+3) dice vs. a
Target Number of 4, to defend. He gets 4 successes. This means that
the damage is effectively Moderate. This adds +2 to all his Target
Numbers. Toad is hit with another 5 rounds (tough luck), but manages
to only be affected by 2, bringing his Target Number modifier up to +5.
But, because he has been hit with 6 rounds, his Quickness is reduced by 3,
taking him to 2. Nasty stuff. (Remember, the Tangler gun does not cause
any real Physical or Stun damage.)

Tangler Gun Ammunition
Same as Grenade, except cost is 400Y per 10, and weight is 2.0 kg per 10.

Enigma = "Good...Bad...I'm the one with the gun..."
Chris McKinnon = - Ash, Army of Darkness
cmckinno@********.ca =
Message no. 2
From: Sean Holland <sholland@*******.EDU>
Subject: Re: Resubmission: TanglexTM
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 1994 11:09:03 -0800
Thanks for reworking this, I like it much better this time around
but I still have a few comments... :)
> For determining blast radius, the grenade has a effective Damage Rating
> of "10D", with a Power reduction of -1 per metre. Any targets caught
Shound this drop off faster, say -2 per meter, after all there is
only a limited among of tanglegoop in a grenade shell.
> that he continues to struggle. The target
> may use 1/2 Impact Armour to help reduce
1/2 Impact if "soft" armor, ridgid armors (heavy, security,
military) should get there full impact rating.
Thanx again,

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