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From: "Mark J. Steedman" <Mark@******.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: Re: Rock and Roll Stars (was Re: NERPS: Organizations -- new pro
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 21:00:14 +0000
Patrick Goodman writes

> Some of the commentary I'm preparing goes along the line of "Now let me get
> this straight...these guys gave up the shadows to be rock stars?" To which
> the reply is, "Well, it's more like these starving musicians started running
> the shadows to finance the band."
wich at the shadier end of Shadowrun music is possible, though

> I like most of your commentary on using contacts from their days in the
> shadows to get breaks as musicians. Quid pro quo in action.
Well we were having fun in game and had a VERY pretty elf for lead
lady and kind of worked on the problem. some skills i set about
learning some we had and the contacts helped as did not having to
hire any security oh and then getting in the gig free!!!

Didn't get far (the fact we broke the rating system in Shadowbeat all
the way to hell didn't help the GM's opinion!)
Still if there is a way to make it useful to NERPS i will see what i
can do, like other things i have commented on it's much easier for me
to reuse stuff i know that make it specially for NERPS.


On the securtiy front i could make a few comments on magic tricks for
Shadowrun? anyone interested. Note currently these would have to be
Grimoire 2technology and had probably better wait till i read SR3 not
just have a few ideas and find out what doen't work anymore.


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