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Message no. 1
From: Sebastian Zoellner <zoellnea@**********.UNI-MUENCHEN.DE>
Subject: Re: Sasquatch Deckers
Date: Wed, 3 May 1995 16:13:06 +0200
> Sasquatch deckers
> >I am afraid sasquatches (as well as all other dual beings) have the same
> >Problems
> >in the Matrix, that (Meta-) Human Mages do.(As in VRI)
> >Their perception of the "real World" is so basic to them, tat they do
> > work well in the matrix.
> >This would mean though, that a Vampire becomes a better Decker
> > along with his growing Hunger.
> That depends. I am no sociologist, but (IMHO) put someone in an enviroment
> long enough, and if the subject has an interest in it, it will learn it.

I was not refering to the learning ability of the Sasquatch. A human Mage is
surely able to learn everything about Computers, but still, upon entering the
Matrix he has a huge disadvantage to a non-mage.
If you use the Rules of VRI, a Human with a decent Magic Attribute will never
deck even remotely well.
The Explenation offered in the rules, is that a mage has a Perception of the
real world that interferes with the Sim-World in the Matrix
A dual being has the same means as a Mage to percieve the real world, so...


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