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Message no. 1
From: Adam J <fro@***.AB.CA>
Subject: Shadowcomments (Was:NERPS: NAGTTW [Salt Lake City]
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 20:15:46 -0600
At 14:14 9/30/97 +0000, you wrote:

Sorry folks..have to drag this one out a bit longer.

>There's just one main point...
>REAL people are more interested in telling the truth WHEN there is a
>TRUTH. In this case, we are spaking about fiction, so I guess the
>best thing would be to allow the original author to delete the
>comments that go against his ideas. COmments can be a great help, but
>could also prove dangerous in case one wanted to contradict an author
>(ie- if he for example wanted the area to assume a different aspect
>than that described in the text)

WE are speaking of a fiction, but the people appearing in the posting are
speaking (Or should be!) as if it is the real world, the world they live in.
Take for example the Neon Samurai's little slander campaign against Ares,
and Nightlifes defense of Ares. Neon Samurai says that Ares killed his
father, Nightlife says Neon killed him. Nightlife works for Ares.. so the
truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

Take this into the current context: The poster of say, the Cleveland
article writes in someone who thinks Cleveland is the best city in the
world, has a great standard of living, yet an active shadow community to
keep him employed. I post with another character who lost an arm and part
of his leg in a botched run in Cleveland, and his opinion of the town,
especially the hospital and the health care workers, isn't to rosy. The
truth is also somewhere in the middle.

The original writer should of course be allowed to delete any comments that
are completely outlandish, but if they are in the spirit of the game, not
much is all that outlandish, IMO. Why should things change in 205x? We
have some damn outspoken people in real life already.

Said company not excluded :)


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Message no. 2
From: "Paolo Falco, Explorer" <Falco@****.IT>
Subject: Re: Shadowcomments (Was:NERPS: NAGTTW [Salt Lake City]
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 1997 11:49:02 +0000
Adam J thus did speak about Shadowcomments (Was:NERPS: NAGTTW [:

> The original writer should of course be allowed to delete any comments that
> are completely outlandish, but if they are in the spirit of the game, not
> much is all that outlandish, IMO.

Except for people who could post things in a personal mood. If one
has written that town X is bad, smelly and ugly, and someone else
comes up nd says "hey, no, it's good and nice" because he feels
offended that someone he didn't even know reduced his hometown to
a pile of toxic rubble, THAT could ruin the spirit of the game...
Moods have to be at least uniform to work well.
Mind you, I am not saying that it already happened, we seem to show a
big deal of parochianism around here, nobody wanting to completely
ruin his hometown, but we also until now acted quite mature. I am
just implying that it COULD happen, and that we must be prepared to
face it. Therefore, I would like to keep the author as the latest

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