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Message no. 1
From: Guido Ferraro <crs@****.UNITO.IT>
Subject: Shadowtalk: Missing Profs and Alzi
Date: Tue, 9 May 1995 17:12:15 +0100
NERPS: Dragons & Other Paranormal Creatures
Shadowtalk about the Missing Docs and Alzi

>>>>>[According to the buzz, someone at MIT&M has taken steps to hire a
shadowrunning team. Rescue missions, anyone ?]<<<<<
--Blackheart (20:05:08/05-03-55)

>>>>>[Hmm. Ares Macrotech, MIT&M's Official Security Consultant, wasn't
too pleased to learn that one of its best contractors is going to cut a
deal with "indipendent operators" to bail out those missing docs; given
the way Ares handles public relations, I won't be surprised to see some
interesting development in the near future. Check whether the faculty's
cred balance allows for exceptional medical treatment...]<<<<<
--Sam Swaggart (23:32:47/05-03-55)

>>>>>[Oh, please, Sammy dear. I've always wanted to see
--Honey (04:51:12/05-04-55)

>>>>>[Get actual.]<<<<<
--Fist of the North Star (06:28:45/05-04-55)

>>>>>[I've got a question for ya, chummers...

>>>>>[News flash from MIT&M -Steedman and Clark are missing ! They were
sighted for the last time at a press conference for Paterson's new book
two days ago. Still no clues, no traces, nothing at all.]<<<<<
--Holly (17:44:05/04-28-55)

>>>>>[Do not go any further, child. You would regret
--Alkampfer (**:**:**/**-**-**)

...Who's this "Alkampfer" slot ?]<<<<<
--Theoretical Anomaly (10:15:30/05-04-55)

>>>>>[He's a major shareholder in various corps and services dealing in
biomedical products, including Hitachi Biotech, Genom and DocWagon. The
more you get hurt, the richer Alzi gets.]<<<<<
--FastJack (14:15:30/05-04-55)

>>>>>[WHAT ? I hope you're farcing, Jack.]<<<<<
--Lobo (17:48:17/05-04-55)

>>>>>[I've seen him once. I was enjoying a party at the UCAS embassy in
Paris (never mind why) when this young man in white came in. A flock of
corporate guests immediately approached to greet him, menacing to start
a tidal wave of groveling.
At this point, things got weird. Alkampfer stared at them and said
softly, "Leave me alone, if you please". Frag, those people broke ranks
and departed from him instantly ! No wizzer tailored pheromones, and he
didn't apparently use magic. Nevertheless, he had literally struck them
with awe. Scary.]<<<<<
--The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (20:34:21/05-04-55)

>>>>>[Mind control, perhaps ?]<<<<<
--Briareos Hecatonchires (23:23:32/05-04-55)

>>>>>[Let's get to the point, folks. What the heck is Alzi doing making
threats ? Doesn't he have flunkies around to do that ? I would say that
he considers this important enough to comment on personally.
Hmm. Worrisome.]<<<<<
--Silver (--:--:--/--------)

>>>>>[You already know the answer. His cold heart is heavy with fear of
something he thought was gone forever.]<<<<<
--The Laughing Man (01:01:01/05-05-55)

>>>>>[Oh no, not again...]<<<<<
--Gurth (04:53:38/05-05-55)

(thanks to Rod Dreher for Silver's comments)


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