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Message no. 1
From: Robert Svard <robert@*****.SE>
Subject: Siberia for ever
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 12:26:58 +0000
This another one of my spamming about Russia/Siberia, a subject, I find
to be strangely attractive... maybe I should change my name to Doctor
Zhjivago... (and don't flame me now, Leszek Karli, :-).

Also, anyone interested in writing about the OTHER awakened state of
Europe, 'Sami', 'Lapponia', or 'Lappland', mail me and we'll get right
to work! An excellent tie in with Siberia, IMHO... Also people generally
interested in Scandinavia/Russia/Iceland... mail ahead.

Interesting and sometimes even up-to-date info on one of the few really
active volcanoes i nthe world, this stuff is packaged in boring
geological data, but for someone with an imganination, it's lethal.
Super site (well no, actually, but really the best of it's kind...),
good info on Primorsky province, business and local government. Includes
Vladivostok, which e has an aboslutely MUST-SEE section about what to
see and do in V. if you're a tourist... (check it out, Wordman! :-).
Also short russian lingo section in easy-to-use western style alphabet
(see below), a picture gallery and stats.

Temperatures in V.: Jan. -13 degrees celsius (go metric!)
July +23 degrees celsius

ploshchad' -- square
ulitsa -- street
bul'vard -- boulevard
pr. -- prospekt -- avenue

//Robert --- Shaman

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