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Message no. 1
From: The Deb Decker <RJR96326@****.UTULSA.EDU>
Subject: Signal Router
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1993 16:45:32 -0500
Here's a toy a came up with, as a spin-off of the double-deck theory.
I guess I'll go with Der Fuerher Dowd on "They don't work that way" even
though I disagree. But that gets back to "The Matrix doesn't work the way
real computers do". Irrelevant; it's a game, not a simuilation.

Be warned that I don't have my books with me as I write this, so the
numbers (especially price, availability, and legality) are flexible.
Item: Signal Router
Designer: J Roberson
E-Mail: RJR96326@****

Description: The signal router is a rated item that can be bought or
constructed by a character with Electronics B/R. It is used to delay
traces, either decking, phone, trid, or any other electronic information
sent over the Matrix.

The signal router sends and receives signals. It can be plugged into any
comm line and functions as a node, of sorts. Cyberdecks, phones, Trid
broadcasts, virtually anything that can be transmitted over the Matrix
can send their signal to the LTG# of the router, which will then send
the signal on to final destination. In the case of two-way transmission,
the router also routes the return signal back to the source (i.e., when

When used, the signal router serves to confuse the Trace. Its primary
application is in decking.The Trace will go to the router before it
finds the decker. The Trace will get past the router, but it takes time:
a number of actions equal to the rating of the router, divided by the
number of successes determined by rolling the Trace's dice against the
router's rating.

Routers also serve to slow down any IC which must affect the intruder's
deck; Killer, Blaster, Tar Baby and similar programs follow the same
procedure as above, unless another program has already succeeded in
getting past the router.

The advantage, obviously, is time. A decker can continue to operate
while the IC tries to nail him. The disadvantage is that the router
slows down the decker's speed, equal to rating. For instance, a rating 6
router would subtract 6 from a decker's Initiative.

A number of routers may be used, but the effects for both IC and the
decker are cumulative.

These are illegal. They are used only by government and corporate deckers
to crack illegal systems; the police vs. the Mafia, the government vs.
another government, corp vs. whoever has the most geld. But they are also
relatively easy to make, so a request for one usualy won't take more than
three weeks.

Cost: 5000xRating Availability: 4+Rating/12+Rating in days

The parts are available in most repair kits and at radio Hut. The knowledge
to build them is easy to figure out but not generally taught below the
college level. The expensive part of the list price is the LTG ID codes and
numbers; these are difficult to obtain and make Routers expensive.

Parts Cost: 1500xRating <--Note: Cost not lowered by # of successes.
Base Time: 6+Rating in days
Target Number: 2+Rating

Notes: I don't want the parts cost to be lowered by # of successes because
eiter you have the parts or you don't. Most of cost covers the LTG hardware
anyway. Also, GAME BALANCE (used with permission).

Now, I know many people will not like this, even those who supported the
double-deck scheme. But I think they are feasible and I have designed them
to be relatively balanced. The original speed mod was going to be -2, or
-4, but I decided that was too weak and made it RATING.

There it is, ladies & gents, the signal router

J Roberson
COMING SOON! LOW-TECH SECURITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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