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Message no. 1
From: "David J. Altman" <khanx@******.COM>
Subject: Sprawl: Dockside Tavern
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1993 23:07:48 -0800
Sprawl: Dockside Tavern
The Dockside Tavern is located in the warehouse district of the docks.
The outside is covered in rusted metal sheeting, dipilated wood, and
graffitti. No sign or other markings indicate the club, one has to
know where it is. Upon entering through the saloon type doors, one
sees a cozy, dimly lighted English tavern style bar. The interior is
tastefully done in a maritime motif, and the spirits and music are
excellent. The Tavern itself is a meeting place for freetraders, smugglers,
pirates, and raiders. The owner, Matt "Broadsides" Blackwell, is a jolly
sort who turns into a monster if angered.
In general, the place lends itself to drunken carousing, gambling,
merrymaking, and . . . other pursuits. It also is a place to conduct
illicit business discreetly. Its pierside location make it easy to
access by boat, car, or aero.
The clientele tend to be a rough, rowdy, and mean bunch, so attitude
is important.


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