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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

Message no. 1
From: "J.D. Falk" <jdfalk@***.GWU.EDU>
Subject: SPRAWL: Megamother Bloze Bar & Grill
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 1993 22:26:28 -0500
Megamother Bloze Bar & Grill
Known to its usual crowd of customers simply as The Megamother,
this hangout is common to students at the University of California in Los
Angeles (CFS). For the most part, there are two main groups: Wizzers and
Deckers (meaning, simply, students from the school of Magic and students
from the school of Cybernetic Navigation.)
For the Deckers, there are a lot of high-quality "pay phones"
which consist simply of a jack for your Cyberdeck and a slot for your
Credstik. (Prices are lower than other pay phones due to the sheer volume
of use.) It is not uncommon for beginning Deckers to stay there for days
-- the bartenders understand, and have even been known to enter Cyberspace
themselves to remind the Decker to jack out and eat something, or to pay
their bar bill.
On the Magic side, major magic is not allowed in the bar, due to
general agreement. Pity the poor schmuck who tries to get out of paying
their bill through the use of magic -- any other mage notices, and the
consequences are dire.
In general, The Megamother looks like any other popular place --
its clearly a bar, plus flashing lights, a bit of a dance floor (usually
used to project 3D images of some Decker's project), and some tables
scattered around. The food is mediocre, and the drink is usually watered
down, but nobody seems to mind.


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