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Message no. 1
From: J D Falk <jdfalk@****.COM>
Subject: SPRAWL: The Rosebase
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 1994 02:32:17 -40962758
The Rosebase
>>>>>[ Hey, chums, I heard about this place where they gots old
movies and stuff on the 'net -- anybody know anything about it? ] <<<<<
-Jebediah <18:33:20/01-24-54>

>>>>>[ What kind of drek is that? ]<<<<<
-Gattling Guru <18:49:13/01-24-54>

>>>>>[ No drek, Gattling Guru. There's a few out there, usually
connected to museums and costing mucho credito, but the best (and
cheapest, since its free) is The Rosebase. I did some research there for
college, but haven't been there in a few years. ]<<<<<
-Sam <PLAY:IT:AGAIN/01-24-54>

>>>>>[ Yes, boys. The Rosebase is what you seek. It is the
virtual side of The Rosebud. Have you ever been there? They played one
of my favorite movies yesterday. The Blues Brothers, from almost 75 years
ago. Here's the matrix directions *INCLUDE FILE: ~ROSEBASE.DIRECT~*
See you there! I plan to now go practice my lines from the movie, you'll
see what I mean when you get there... ]<<<<<
-The Penguin <you:don't:argue/with-a-nun>

>>>>>[ Thanks, Penguin! I'll go check it out!
-Jebediah <17:10:32/01-25-54>

>>>>>[ I still don't see what good it is. Who needs old drek when
you've got sims? ]<<<<<
-Gattling Guru <18:31:54/01-25-54>

>>>>>[ Damn, but that was _great!_ I think I learned more there
than I _ever_ did in school! Sam, I can't see _how_ you could've stayed
away -- that place is totally wiz! Damn, but I gotta get some sleep.
Wow. Amazing. ]<<<<<
-Jebediah <03:52:29/01-26-54>

>>>>>[ What's the place like, Jeb? ]<<<<<
-Symetrix <10:08:41/01-25-54>

>>>>>[ Wiz. There's a bunch of nodes -- I don't know how many --
each set up differently. Some are masked to look like old theatres, with
what looks like a big flatscreen showing the movie. Another was sort of
like your classic living room from the 2030's, with a primitive trid
projector in the corner and couches for us deckers. The weirdest one I
found was this node that looked like a spaceship, and had these three guys
-- Mike, Tom, and Crow -- making fun of the move on the screen inside! I
watched them for a while (they're really good!) but the movie was such
drek that even with their hilarious comments I had to leave. That's when
I noticed that I'd been up all night. I was drinking soykaf pretty much
nonstop this morning at work. ]<<<<<
-Jebediah <18:52:32/01-26-54>

>>>>>[ Glad to hear you like it, Jebediah. Come to the bar
sometime. The movies are fun to watch virtually, but the ambiance is
better live. ]<<<<<
-The Penguin <you:don't:argue/with-a-nun>


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