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Message no. 1
From: Barbie <barbie@**********.COM>
Subject: [STUFF] Regaing essence
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 1998 03:19:03 +0100
Regaining Essence

Much was debated in the past if it could be possible to restore lost essence,
be it from cyberware or essence draining powers.
Due to an indept research by an better unnamed source it can now be said that
it is possible for those who wants to take the risks.

(>) "By now every runner who is worth his money should know about the so
called cybermancy and what its does to those unfurtunate souls which have
undergone such procedures, but it seems that these same magics can actually be
used to be of an benefit. But read for your self."
(>) -SysOp

>>>>>Text file included. [Read only:on]

"I think you remember the last time we talked about what was done to me?
I have taken the liberty to explore our thoughs further to see if this kind of
magic can actually be used for good. Please give me your input what you think
about this. As we know cybermancy ritual magic can be used for some very
interesting effects, like bonding a soul to its corresponding, but already
dead body, or as in my case to bond cyberware to my aura. so here now my idea
for a different use.How about this- perhaps a sort of initiation could be used
strengthen the link between the blueprint aura and body, effectively giving
back some essence. The karmic costs would be similar to initiation.
The maximum essence any being could have would be equal to the natural essnce
of the being in question. I don`t think that it would be possible in this way
to actually raise the essence above the natural level, but this must be
researched further.However, beings with less than normal essence could
initiate their essence level back to the natural level if they spend enough
time and karma for it.Each essence grade adding up till the essence level is
back to normal. Of course,such an initiation would require special magic,
similar to that used to create cyberzombies.
Thus, the procedure would be hard to come by, difficult to perform and would
leave the being with some serious debts. On the plus side (other than allowing
more cyberware,ah forget this, this goal can`t be accomplish by this, its
already proven. See below), the magic would not have the same destructive side
effects as the blood magic rituals used to create cyberzombies. Rather than
locking the soul to the body,the ritual would strengthen the natural aural
link between soul and body.My researches have lead me to believe that a astral
quest must be undertaken to achive the effect as part of the `initiation`. And
that it is not possible that the essence gained in this way can be used to put
more cyberware into someone, restoreration of the lost essence is all that can
be gained. As further note it should be mentioned that this ritual creates an
very delicate balance within the aura and thinkering with the aura further can
be devasteting to the subject. In the best case adding more ware into someone
will disrup the achived ballance and leaving the being again with the damaged
aura as before the essence initiation was done. Bad deal in my eyes. I might
also add that the ritual used is be similar to a Ritual of Change,
except that the aura of a person would be changed to match its blueprint.
Astral quests would be an obvious part, and as a side effect, I say that once
a mage has the formula for a person's true aura, blueprint aura, pattern or
whatever we want to call it, that could be used a material link for ritual
sorcery. Risky if you ask me unless you can do it yourself.

I think that the ritual would go something like this:
1: Mage performs astral quest to learn true pattern of the target of the

2: Mage performs ritual of change upon the true pattern of the target so that
it more closely coincides with the aura of the target (thus negating some of
the essence loss of cyberware or from essence draining critter powers.)

3: At the same time the mage performs the ritual, the recipient pays the
karma to make the effect permanent.

Ok, I know this is a very simple description, but to get the idea it should be

>>>>>End text file include. [Read only:off]

(>) "So folks now we know the theory, but what of this is reality? I have no
idea,it was already more luck then anything else that played this file into my
hands. So if anyone out there can enlighten the rest of us, s/he is more then
welcome to do so."
(>) -SysOp

(>) "Hey! Wait what is going on??? I can get my essence back???"
(>) -Burned Out and Sucked Dry

(>) "Your essence maybe, but from what I have heard the magic will not come
back at the same time, you have to work your way up as usual for this, sorry.
Better be carefull if you meet a Vampire the next time."
(>) -Elzbeth

(>) "HMMM very interesting..."
(>) -Nathan

(>) "I wonder who has written this? Anyone a clue? Maybe the person has
results by now."
(>) -Magister

(>) "You don`t want to know."
(>) -Barbie

Game mechanics part

1. The essence can only be raised up to the natural level of the subject.
6 for metahumans, 8 for shapeshifter and so on.

2. It can only be ONE point gained at each essence initiation.

3. Astral quest rating is as follows: 10+grade-essence originaly left.
Ie. if the subject has and essence of 3 to begin the first garde would
have an target number of 10+1-3=8 the second grade of 10+2-3=9 and so on.

4. The ritual has the same target number as the quest.
In the ritual a number of successes equal to the new essence level must be

5. The true pattern is an very potent astral link and therefor it can be used
for ritual magic at -2 to all target numbers in the ritual magic tests
agains the subject.

6. All kind of essence looses can be healed this way, it is even possible for
an critter with an essence loss disadvantage to heal his essence loss in
this way for a short time till he reaches the point when he simply doesn`t
succed in the tests.

7. ANY new essence losses from cyber, drain and so will result in an
immediatly disruption of the stabilzed aura. Resist 10+essence grade D
physical with ORIGINAL essence (without essence grade added) any success
in this test is to be used as a) reducing the damage per standart rules
and b)gives the number of essence grades NOT lost from the disruption.


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