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Message no. 1
From: "Leszek Karlik, aka Mike" <trrkt@*****.ONET.PL>
Subject: [Stuff] Renraku Firespray SMG
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 22:39:19 +0000
Type: Renraku Firespray I SMG Conceal: 5 Ammo: 30 (c) Mode: SA/BF
Damage: 7M. Weight: 3 kg Avail: 6/24 hours Cost: 800¥ Street Index:
2 Legality: 3G

Type: Renraku Firespray II SMG Conceal: 4 Ammo: 30 (c) Mode: SA/BF
Damage: 7M. Weight: 3,5 kg Avail: 10/7 days Cost: 2000¥ Street Index:
5 Legality: 3G

The Japanese SMG used by Renraku security goons (the cheap version)
and Renraku Red Samurai (the expensive version). This weapon comes
with a built-in Gas-Vent 2 and a laser sight (Firespray I) or Gas-Vent
3, Smartlink II, and sound suppressing system (Firespray II). Both
versions have a folding stock.
(>) Gee, I wonder why do Red Samurai need a silenced weapon for? I
mean, the guns only used for defending 'Raku exteritorriality...
(>) Deep Blue
(>) Well, I didn't hear a damn when they killed the scouting sammy.
Just turned 'round the corner and found two Red Samurais with smoking
guns and one perforated body. Of course, a Helblast still cooks 'em
nice in this kinky red armor of theirs.
(>) Firestarter

Leszek Karlik, aka Mike - trrkt@*****;
r/mike; FIAWOL
FL/GN Leszek/Raptor II/ISD Vanguard, (SS) (PC) (ISM) {IWATS-IIC} JH(Sith)=
/House Scholae Palatinae
God give me patience - but hurry please!

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