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Message no. 1
From: Paul Chamberlain <junior@*****.NET.AU>
Subject: [Stuff] Submission: Air and Water Tools 'n' Toys [First Draft]
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1998 15:04:21 +0800
Air and Water Tools ‘n’ Toys
Paul Chamberlain junior@*****
Tools and toys that require air and/or water to operate have always been fun
and/or useful. This article describes some interesting tools that might
(not) be useful to any person in the shadows.

(>) Useful, hauhau dey is lil’ kiddie’s toys, me thinks that da runners like
me not need kiddies toys.
(>) Thumper, Troll Merc

(>) Slow down big boy, some of these ‘toys’ have saved my life, like when I
was in an extraction and the target was ‘ungrateful’. The security teams
managed to get my gun away and when I reached for a backup I got my nephew’s
water pistol, luckily it was one that had been made to look like a gun and I
managed to bluff it out. Sure it would have been better if I had my Ares
Predator II but for a couple of ‘yen the water pistol did its job.
(>) Crystal, Assassin for Hire


Blow Dryers

Stunin Luxury Gold Hair Dryer Cost 23Y
A typical bathroom hair dryer, it is 25 cm long from end to end and its
height including handle is 15 cm. It runs on an internal battery that will
run for 500 hours when used continually. So the standard consumer can have
years of portable use. The manufacturer recommends that the dryer not be
used near any electronics that send and receive signals such as Trideos,
Videos, Radio, Phones (Mobile and Cordless only), Computers (Not
cyberdecks), as it may cause interference such as static. If the user is
trying to induce static roll intelligence (6+ECCM rating if applicable)
test. Number of successes decide how heavily effected it is and how long
after switching the Dryer off the effect will last, base time is 1 minute
multiply number of successes to find duration.

Stunin Luxury Platinum Hair Dryer Cost 120Y
A larger and more powerful version of the Gold, intended for salon use. 38cm
long and height of 20cm. Its can run 750 hrs on a full battery but also can
be plugged into mains. This product also carries a warning about static,
being a larger unit it is more likely static will occur. Intelligence
(5+ECCM rating) test to induce static and other interference. Number of
successes decide how heavily effected it is and how long after switching the
Dryer off the effect will last, base time is 1 minute multiply number of
successes to find duration.

(>) This, is the essential hair dryer of any fashion concerned person. I
have two just in case one breaks down.
(>) Silent Spirit, Fashion concerned Mage.

Stunin Industrial Dryer Cost 300Y
This is an industrial dryer for purposes such as paint and concrete drying,
and other uses. It connects to main power or battery operated is an extra
50Y for battery model battery will last 10hrs before needing a recharge. It
is a cube, which is 50cm^3. It has a warning about interference and states
that it could permanently damage some delicate equipment. Intelligence (3 +
ECCM if applicable) to induce this affect. Number of successes decide how
heavily effected it is and how long after switching the Dryer off the effect
will last, base time is 5 minute multiply number of successes to find
duration. If duration is larger than or equal to 20mins ie 4 successes the
effect becomes permanent.

Paint Strippers

Stunin Stripper Cost 125Y
Basic model of a paint stripper, a cylindrical shape 30cm long with a
diameter of 4cm. Main power or battery, 25Y more for battery operated,
battery life 30hrs. Ideal for redoing car paint jobs and small house jobs.
Can be used as a weapon does 6M. Attack is based off quickness. Ranges

Paint Strippers Ranges 0-2 3-4
TN # 5 6

(>) Handy gadget, especially for riggers. You can with help of this remove a
van’s paint job and apply another in only a couple of minutes. If coupled
with the Stunin Industrial Dryer you can be off and driving in less than 10
(>) Hanzo, Orcish Rigger

(>) A change of colour won’t throw off magical pursuit.
(>) Silent Spirit, Mage

(>) Yeah but you’d probably be stupid if you let a mage send a spirit after
(>) Hanzo

Air Guns

Generic Air Gun Cost 300Y
An air gun, it includes a compressor. It is powered by batteries and has a
life of 100 Hrs. Basically it shoots air at something. It can be used as a
dryer though not as effective. It is powerful enough to make it difficult to
walk against and can make it nearly impossible to propel objects towards it.
Sometimes used as a riot-control weapon. Does 3L Stun damage as well as all
these effects. Ranges Below. Combat test-using Quickness.

Air Guns Ranges 0-3 4-7
TN # 4 7

Another use of an air gun is to demonstrate lift. I.E. using an air gun to
levitate certain objects off the ground. Gamemasters discretion to weather
or not the object is successfully levitated. Concealability 4

(>) Ah these are cool, we did an experiment in school with one, and we
levitated a person for a few seconds. Of course that was after a few slight
(>) Simon Butterbank, Dwarfish Technician

Blow Guns

Blow Pipe Cost 50Y
A small pipe which you fill with darts and blow. Ammo costs are the same
price as narc-jet ammo but you can replace it with any chemical mix ie. DMSO
and Gamma Scopoline (sp?) for 2 times the normal cost representing the
adaption cost to put the chemicals in to darts. In combat Blow Pipe uses
armed combat range (In 3rd edition I don’t know how/if armed combat got
changed so I leave it to you game masters and players to figure it out)
Concealability 12. Takes a simple action to reload. Range = to Bow with Str.

(>) As I here it these are popular tools for them ninjas with all their
mumbo jumbo. Anyway it’s quite good as a quiet assassination weapon
especially when loaded with a version of vitas-3. He wouldn’t know his dead,
until he was.
(>) Dilan, Mercenary

Air Rifles Cost 700Y
Normal rifles that are operated by pumping. Takes an extra complex action
to reload every second reload, this is due to pumping. This can be avoided
by buying a gas bottle. It costs 50Y and last 20 reload after this it needs
to be replaced. It uses the range of sports rifles.
Conc Ammo Mode Damage Weight Avail Cost
3 1(b) SA 5S 2.5
4/24hrs 700Y 1

(>) What’s the point in air rifles ?
(>)Tommy, Sammie

(>) For starters they’re legal …
(>) Anonymous



Water Pistol Cost 5Y
Your standard Childs toy. What does it do? It shoots water. You can replace
water with your favourite chemical DMSO mix at only twice the price to get
compatible ammo. Hold Out Pistol Ranges
Conc Ammo Mode Damage Weight Avail Cost
10 20* SA # .5
Always 5Y 1
(>) Hehehe, yeah that would be fun, loading a water pistol with DMSO and
GS, then watching them laugh when you pull on a toy. And then watching them
stop when you hit ‘em.
(>) An Anonymous Sociopath

*Reloading takes a Complex Action and if using water must be at a source of
# Damage as what is used. If water is use damage is 2L Stun
If used as a weapon it will not be taken seriously. Perception (6) test to
tell what is loaded in the weapon. Also available are Water Pistols that
actually look like the real thing. 25Y for a water pistol that looks like a
real pistol. Perception (4) test to notice it is fake.

Water Rifle Cost 35Y
The “super powered” water gun that every kid wants for his/her birthday. As
with water pistol you can replace with chemicals. Also for +25Y it can look
like a rifle. Perception (4) test to notice if it is fake. Will not be
taken seriously if using this weapon. Perception (7) test to notice what it
is loaded with.
Conc Ammo Mode Damage Weight Avail Cost
4 20* SA # 1
Always 35Y 1
*Reloading takes a complex action and every 2nd reload needs to spend 2
complex actions. (Like air rifles but gas bottle unavail.).
# Damage as chemical mix, if using water 5M Stun
Ranges as if a sports rifle.

Stunin Compressed Water Gun Cost 5000Y
A water gun that uses compressed water (ie. turned into vapour and
compressed) it shoots water at very high pressure, it is used during riot
control and for some commercial uses.
Conc Ammo Mode Damage Weight Avail Cost
NA 200* BF/FA 10S Stun 10 6/24 days 5000Y
*After 200 rounds expelled must be broken down and pure water vaporised and
compressed. This process cannot be done by the average shadowrunner. The
process takes 2hrs and costs 500Y. Range as LMG

(>) Wow, I didn’t think that this was possible
(>) Johnny

(>) It wasn’t until recently when we developed a new efficient way of
compressing until recently.
(>) Stunin Spokesperson.

Wondering why it is in so fast?
Well I didn't register until I knew I would actually be motivated enough to
finish it.

Regards Arkem
P.S Gurth, I haven't sent you a version in Word yet because I am waiting
until after comments and editing.

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