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Message no. 1
From: Rod Dreher <rodd@***.DGSYS.COM>
Subject: SUBMISSION: Dragon Guardians
Date: Sun, 21 May 1995 16:51:05 -0400
NERPS: Dragons & Other Paranormal Entities
Dragon Guardians

Dragon Guardians and related information.

The Great dragons have their own method for dealing with problems they
feel affect all of them. This is the called the Council, or the Council of
The council hasn't met this cycle yet, however the precepts of the council
are still binding. The council functions as a monitoring agency, keeping
track of those problems the Great Dragons feel impact upon them and their
world as a whole. The council was originally formed as an organization to
"tidy up" and control ancient problems that threatened the world order (the
order with the Dragons on top, that is), however it grew to function as a
sort of control to the dragons themselves. Working rather like the
Corporate Court, the council only succeeds in this part of it's task because
the various induvidual Great Dragons see it as preferable to all out
anarchy. The only precepts the council enforces on other dragons are as

1. No direct activites shall be taken upon another Great Dragon without
proof of harm done one directly as well.
2. No interfering with a Guardian preforming it's duties without council

Current membership includes all of the Great Dragons noted by today, as
well as about many others. Membership is limited to the Great Dragons

The guardians are chosen by the council, and political maneuvering abounds
when a new Guardian is being selected. A new guardian has to be presented
by a council member and then affirmed by a two thirds majority of the
council. Affirmation can take anywhere from minutes to decades, depending
on necessity for new guardians and opposition from other council members.
The Guardians are the entities chosen to represent the Great Council in
matters deemed pertinent. Their overriding task is to keep those matters
under control. Secondary tasks are keeping matters from "public" eye, that
being the eyes of whatever species control the area the problem exists in.
Currently, this would mean the corporations and the various governments of
the world.
All of the Guardians are powerful beings, unsually both magically and
physically. Also, various Guardians manipulate and use others to accomplish
their tasks.
Currently, there are few actual guardians awake. Their nature combined
with their rather unique tasks mean many of them do not awaken until such
time as their charge (whatever problem they are tasked to deal with) is
either disturbed or distrupted.
Only a handful of Guardians are actually "free" at any one time, meaning
are not given one task to fully occupy their time. They are limited in
numbers, and given names based on the various precious metals. They range
from bronze, to copper, and on up. They are the most powerful guardians,
who are oversee many problems at once, much like a 'supervisor'. They have
the authority to task other guardians, and even to make requests of the
Council itself. They are also directly responsible to the council for any
failures, and must account for their actions if the council asks them to.
This can limit their effectivness at times, but usually just forces them to
become as devious as the Great Dragons themselves. The metal guardians are
said not to be physical beings at all, but a form of spirit or other astral

Currents tasks:
As was stated earlier, many of the guardians are still "asleep" because
their charges, the matters they are assigned to guard, are still untouched.
Several matters have become a concern already, though.
The pending arrival of the "enemy" has awoken a free guardian. Gold is
the primary guardian for overseeing this matter, however he is seriously
drained from the last cycle and is trying to recover enough energy to be
capable of functioning. Meanwhile, he is allowing Harlequin and several of
his lesser Guardians prepare as much as possible.
The bug incursions are actually not considered to be terribly dangerous,
bu they also have an entity assigned to make sure they stay at the
'nuisance' level. Bronze has awakened and is preparing contingencies for
dealing with them. She is being slowed in taking action by the politics of
the council, who seem to be of different opinions on helping the humans deal
with the trouble.
Three ancient dragon prisoners have attempted escape since the awakening,
amoung them a Demon-like creature that drains life, capable of devouring a
whole continent of sentient life in under a week. This entity actually
managed to escape for a moment, but was recaptured barely in time. The
other entities were also taken again. Platinum is awake to deal with these
escape attempts.
Inter-dragon strife is still rampant, as it always has been. Silver is
awake to keep an eye on these fueds, however he is also assisting both Gold
and Bronze in their tasks.

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