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From: the lorberblatts <collin@******.NET>
Subject: SUBMISSION: Dragon worship
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 1995 18:29:04 -0500
dragon worship
Section One a basic overview:
The dragon has been an object of adoration and interest since the beginning
of time. For instance in medieval Europe dragons were both the center of
fear and respect. This can be shown in the numerous fairy tales depicting
dragons as villains as well as the great number of seals and emblems that
contain a wyvern or other dragon like being.
Omnipresent even in the modern mind they are definitely of human awe.
But some take it further, they see the awesome power in these magnificent
beasts and feel weak next to these creatures of near invulnerable nature.
They possess not only the infamous scaled unbreachable hide but also a
strength of mind that defeats even some of the most powerful magics.
And to add to their incredible abilities is an enormously powerful command
of magic.
Some dragons ability mirrors the ancient deitys of many mythologys. And for
this reason they are hailed by some cultures as gods to bow their heads and
do homage to.
The mexican deitys were often represented in serpentine form and in the
regions dominated by this culture the idea of dragon worship comes easily.
The religions that arise in these areas are usually of the mind that the
dragon is one of their gods returned to the material world and that further
more that their deity is a sign of the destruction of this world and
begining of a new one. This kind of apocalyptic message creates fanatics.
Some frenzy in the emotion evoked by this idea while others feel that all
who do not believe as they do wil turn against them in the end and therefore
must be destroyed. And above all anyone in atzlan who is willling to put so
much on the line by joining a movement that the goverment doesn't like is
obviously so devoted to the dragon that he/she will do anything the Deity
wishes including assasination and terrorism.
Due to the tough force put against them by the goverment They are usually
poorly equipped and always on the run. But to counteract this lack each cult
often possesses an unusually high percentage of powerful mages of all kinds.
Including the occasional highly feared Dragon Shaman. Thier capabilitys
range highly. But every last one of them has enough power to cause much more
disturbance then Atzlan likes.
On the other hand we have the European cults whom are usually open
non-secretive but still mysterious organizations. Fewer dragon shamans exist
in the European continent then in Atzlan but the cults of Europe are both
better equipped and more reasonable in their ideas. The lower rate of
Fanaticism makes them almost more dangerous then the more fanatic groups.
Because of their patience they can engineer schemes that will occur without
anyone suspecting a single thing is amiss. Their deitys are typically
regarded as an extremely powerful elder and superior rather then a true
"god". But despite the less godly view of the beasts they still hold a
variety of rituals that range from establishing a lair and a horde to
showing your power. They typically have a hold in one of the few remaining
natural areas. These are often built into a hill or made of solid stone.
Many valuable and priceless items are stowed within. A gentle sense of
hedonism is displayed in the finery of the food, drink and accomadations.
Much of their activities are magicial or medieval in nature. Power of
influence is usually the measure these cults weigh themselves against.
In america however Dragons are viewed as a point to respect and meditate on.
The americans tend to view their dragon as a source of power and something
to look up to.
The american skepticism and unshakableness however limits the number of
cults to a few fanatics and the occasional magical initiate group. Although
many strange religious cults arise in north america the idea of worshipping
something as present as a dragon evidently seems a little far fetched to the
american mentality.
And as for the native american nations they see the dragons as a powerful
force in the order of things and possibly even something to respect strongly
but is not the center of things.
Section two: Dealing with cults.
The average runner will probobly never run into a cult. But incase you do I
wrote this section FYI.
Central american Cults are probobly the most nusiance of any. If they
feel any intrusion they respond with over adequate force. And with how
paranoid they are forced to be to avoid Atzlan this feeling can arise
easily. If and when this occurs the best bet is to run. Avoiding them is the
best Soulution. They are better prpared to kill you then chances are you are
to do so to them.
If nessacary get captured and it is possible to talk your way out of a
sentence. And always remeber the only reason you can run is because their
hiding and can't do much to chase you.
In europe negotition and powerful favors are the best way out.
And of course in North america if you mess with a group thats not to
obsessed with their rituals to chase you your going to a have a fight on
your hands. In many ways it's similar to messing with the Mafia or Yakuza.
The cults that are active as sch typically have eyes and ears everywhere so
beware .

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