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Message no. 1
From: E <rasputin@***.UMD.EDU>
Subject: SUBMISSION: E's Vehicles (Commander) (Preliminary single posting)
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 03:07:36 -0500
E's Vehicles: Chevy Commander

Chervrolet Commander
Sport Utility

With dramatic redesign for 2056, the Chevy Commander will
continue to reign atop the world of sport utility vehicles in
North America. Commanders made their debut on the road in 2048,
and quickly rose to the top of the sales charts, bolstering a
fine blend of comfort and in-city ease with rugged off-road

Handling Speed B/A Sig APilot Cost
4 45/110* 2/0 2 2 22,000

Seating: 2 bucket seats+ 2 folding bench / 3 folding bench
Access: 2 + 2 Standard + Rear hatch
Economy: 80 km/L
Fuel: MultiF/60 L
Storage: 5 CF underseat + 3 CF storage.

* Off-road speed: 35/80.


>>>>>[ These things are butt-common, so they're fantastic for
those times you need something sturdy and non-descript. Pretty
durable, too-- surprising for a Chevy.]<<<<<
- Flyboy (11:06:57/02-03-56)

>>>>>[ Durable? Heh. Sure, you can run the engine pretty hard,
when it's not too hot or cold out, of course, but this thing's a
cakebox. Armoring it is the only way you'll ever feel even
remotely safe.]<<<<<
- Darth Nader (04:12:34/02-04-56)

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