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Message no. 1
From: E <rasputin@***.UMD.EDU>
Subject: SUBMISSION: E's Vehicles: Winnebago...Hoverhome
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 1995 15:25:07 -0500
E's Vehicles: Winnebago-Voyager Hoverhome 9

Winnebago-Voyager Hoverhome 9
Recreational ACV

The W-V Hoverhome was released under little fanfare in 2052,
but this vehicle is worth remarking upon. Winnebago quality can
be found throughout, and no other recreational vehicle, ground or
ACV, makes more efficient use of limited space. Price and
quality have placed the Hoverhome in close competition with the
only other pleasure-ACV on the market, the GMC-Beachcraft
Vacationer. The Hoverhome seats three in the forward cabin, and
can accomodate five passengers on bunks or fold out seats in the
rear. The front three seats can also be placed together and
folded into another bed.

Handling Speed B/A Sig APilot Cost
4/6 40/120 4/0 2 3 90,000 

Seating: Triple bucket seats + special (5 bunks/seats)
Access: 2 gull wing + 1 standard
Economy: 6 km/L
Fuel: IC/220 L
Storage: 12 CF overall.
Accessories: Full home 9 package: Shower, toilet, full kitchen,
full entertainment suite with mobile telecom and holophonic audio
(30 CF of accessories).


>>>>>[ What kind of runner needs a felchin' motor home?!
- 'trix-ster (15:22:37/12-27-55)

>>>>>[ Ever leave the city, "'trix"? No better vehicle to take on
the open road when the highway (and its off-road shortcuts) is
the way to go. When you get to those checkpoints, just stick the
most respectable-looking member of your team up in the driver's
seat, while you kick back and catch some trid. Just a bunch of
friends on vacation... ]<<<<<
- Hoosier (03:03:44/01-14-56)

>>>>>[ Those bunks don't accomodate five people. Oh, wait. I
forgot. Orks aren't "people." I had forgotten. This is just
another example of popular oppression against my people. What
garbage. ]<<<<<
- Craftsman (19:55:31/02-01-56)

>>>>>[ Cool off, goon. Stop looking to make trouble. ]<<<<<
- Darth Nader (02:18:49/02-02-56)

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