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Message no. 1
Subject: submission: Harlequin gang members
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 1995 17:18:00 GMT
ShadowLore II
Character (Harlequin)
Rip is the 21 year-old rigger of the group and it was his piloting of the
drone that enbled the gang to get waw

ay so easily. Thoughtful and intelligent
he is a close freind of Shadow, although he is still shocked by the darker
side of his freind. Rip is very protective of his guardian Bart Schmidt and the
Mellow Miaow bar.
Message no. 2
Subject: Submission: Harlequin gang members
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 1995 17:09:00 GMT
ShadowLore II
Characters (The Harlequins)
Shadow (Judd McFarlane), is also an immigrant and came to America 5 years ago
when his family decided to leave Scotland to live in Nova Scotia. Bored quickly
he soon set off to explore the country and, after some Decking that annoyed
a Yakuza clan, he ended up in Seattle. When on a run he is fond of using
the AS7 shotgun and the Browning Max (with explosive rounds). His shotgun was
the weapon that earned him his notoriety, as it was the one he used in the
_CityBank Ltd Massacre_. Despit being cocky, he knows his own limits and those
of his deck and womn
't yake on a job that is too big. Once on a job he is
ruthless and callous, letting nothing get in his way. He applies this to prot
ecting those he has taken under his wing, and will go out of his way to avenge
them. Aged 20, he till has a lot to learn about life and decking.

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