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Message no. 1
From: Guido Ferraro <crs@****.UNITO.IT>
Subject: SUBMISSION: Mantra, Dragon Sysop
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 1995 23:03:05 +0100
Dragon and other paranormal entities
Mantra, dragon sysop
Guido Ferraro

Hey all. I've been tinkering with some ideas I would submit... Some
time ago, I wrote a profile for a young female dragon who staffs
a BBS in Seattle. She's involved in the decker community and keeps
a low profile, but someone (something ?) is tracking her... I found
it useful for our game, so I would be glad to post the whole stuff

The other two ideas revolve around an adaptation to the Shadowrun
universe of some of the concepts shown in the popular manga series
_Bio Booster Armor, Guyver_ : both bio-armor and shapeshifters
deserve some treatment here... I'm writing an essay from MIT&M
on the topic, so if someone is interested, let me know.

See ya all,


Post Scriptum: My real name is NOT Guido Ferraro. I was given an
"used" account here at the University, and to date the admin has
yet to set it right... The LISTSERV, of course, don't knows.

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