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From: The Wyrm Ouroboros <oroboros@******.COM>
Subject: SUBMISSION: Paranormal: Phoenix Horse
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 09:19:53 -0700
Dragons & Other Paranormal Entities
Paranormal Animal -- Phoenix Horse
Phoenix Horse
'Equus aureus'

The phoenix horse appears to be a graceful variant of the normal
Equus breed. They average 1.7 meters at the shoulder, and weigh an
estimated 475 kilograms, according to observed force (F=vm) calculations.
It has a proud carriage, reminiscent of the Arabian breed, both pairs
of legs ending in fused hooves. Phoenix horses tend to be solid colours,
blue, various shades of yellow, orange, and red predominating. White
colourations have been observed, but are rare, as are the only two
observances of black colouration. The animal appears to be heavily
muscled, but at most times is somewhat translucent. Genetic typing
has been impossible, due to the natures of the creatures; thus, the
scientific name is tentative, and in dispute.

Parabiological. Active magic has been reported among herds, but
such reports are unsubstantiated.

The phoenix horse's diet seems to consist of pollutants of all
types -- solid, liquid, gaseous, and even radiation. It would appear that
pollutants are the horse's main diet, supplemented only by the occasional
fruit or vegetable; much like their mundane counterparts, apples and carrots
seem to be particular favorites. However, if left alone, they thrive upon
everything from air pollutants to raw sewage.
Phoenix horses are primarily land dwellers, moving over water only
if a particularly wide stretch of water pollution is threatening one of
the few comparatively unsullied stretches of shoreline within their herd
territory. They are able to fly as well, as though running on air, and
at great heights; one herd of 25 animals was spotted 'grazing' at 5,500
meters above London, substantiating claims that they may 'stand' on air
as well.
Wild phoenix horses (all observed herds thus far are wild) live
in seminomadic social groups of 20-50 adults dominated by one alpha male.
There are several 'beta' stallions at any one time within the herd, around
one per ten mares. The herds remain wild because of a number of factors:
their tendancy to stay away from masses of humanity, their great speed,
and their ability to fly as soon as they can walk. As well, the phoenix
horse herds seem to be aware of the terrain around them, including the
creatures within the terrain, not unlike certain spirits' abilities.
With little real evidence in, there continues to be ongoing debate
over how to classify the phoenix horse -- the horse 'made of fire'. The
animal certainly is intelligent, sometimes moreso than their pursuers,
with rotating guards, splitting up of the herd, and the use of other
animals, in particular other equines, to assist them. Whether they are
an actual equus breed, or an elemental manifestation is open for debate.

Wild phoenix horses sometimes appear to be cooperating with
ecological groups, in particular GreenPeace and the Scottish wild druids.
The supposed ability to 'eat' radiation is put forth by noted environ-
mentallist Diana McCormick, of Scotland, after taking radiation readings
before and after a herd moved through several glens in the Scottish
Irradiated Zone and finding the latter readings drastically lower. Whether
or not the herds are doing this on purpose, as McCormick proposes, is
a matter of fierce debate, particularly in the House of Lords and the
Lord Protector's Office.
Capturing and holding any phoenix horse poses a problem, in that
the herd tends to attempt the release of the individual captured. As
well, the animals seem to have a great amount of resistance to most of
the usual methods of capture -- tranquilizer darts, nets, and other such
traps. Pits do not work at all, for obvious reasons. It is unknown
whether or not the phoenix horse can cross-breed with pegasus, bayards,
or normal breeds; the fact that they are constantly wreathed in flame tends
to put off potential breeders.

Flame Aura, Guard (vs. own Aura), Immunity (Fire, Normal Weapons,
Pathogens, Poisons), Movement (Self). Individuals have demonstrated the
following: Animal Control (Equines), Enhanced Physical Attributes (Quick-
ness and Strength, though never in the same individual), Enhanced Reaction,
Enhanced Senses (thermographic vision, alpha/gamma particle emission),
Flame Projection, Weather Sense.

Allergy (Water, Severe), Vulnerability (Water).

>>>>>[ What the frag is this? Patterson doesn't say anything at all about
these buggers' 'active magic among herds'. What's the scoop? ]<<<<<
-- Louie Lou-ie (**:**:**/**-**-**)

>>>>>[ It would appear that the mares are a combination spell-book and
power source for the lead stallion, who serves as the focus and director
of the magic -- kind of like ritual sorcery. Unlike ritual sorcery,
though, any countermagic has to go through the 'focus' first, and if it's
really powerful, it'll kill the stallion but save the rest of the herd.
It's a very effective survival technique, IMO. ]<<<<<
-- Blackheart (**:**:**/**-**-**)

>>>>>[ How fast are they? ]<<<<<
-- Louie Lou-ie (**:**:**/**-**-**)

>>>>>[ Magic can be as quick as any street shaman slinging a fireball.
Physically, though, they can be very fast, indeed. In the air, when
they're really moving, they'll outstrip a lot of different aircraft. ]<<<<<
-- Blackheart (**:**:**/**-**-**)

>>>>>[ Blackheart's not kidding. The suckers, when they've decided they
want to get somewhere, really _move_. They know how to dogfight, mind
my words. ]<<<<<
-- No Longer Airborne (**:**:**/**-**-**)

>>>>>[ They are indeed actively intelligent. And they definitely don't
care for the more violent of the ecogroups. ]<<<<<
-- Null Perp (**:**:**/**-**-**)

B Q S C I W E R Attacks
Phoenix Horse 9 6 x 5 7 5 5 / 7 8 (9) 5* 9S, +1 Reach
Powers: Flame Aura, Guard (vs. own Aura), Immunity (Fire, Normal
Weapons, Pathogens, Poisons), Movement (Self). Individuals have displayed:
Animal Control (Equines), Enhanced Physical Attributes (Quickness and
Strength, though never both in the same individual), Enhanced Reaction,
Enhanced Senses (thermographic vision, alpha/gamma particle emission),
Flame Projection, Weather Sense.
Weaknesses: Allergy (Water, Severe), Vulnerability (Water).
Notes: 3d6 Initiative dice. Quickness multiplier for flying is 8.

Equus aureus

Wide range of polluted areas.

Most of Europe, the Middle East, South-Central America, and several
near-Sprawl sites in North America.

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