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From: Elton Robb <GLENNROBB@*******.NET>
Subject: Submission to NERPS: "The Neo Anarchist's Guide to the World"
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 08:28:33 -0600
Salt Lake City: City of Light, City of Shadows
Elton John Robb
- - - - - - - -
(>)This details Salt Lake City, the Vatican of the Twenty First Century. =
This only includes a discription of the City State. Not it's history, =
or how it got it's independence from the Ute Nation. Just a detailed =
discription of what today's Neo-Anarch can expect if he visits the city.
(>) The Neo Iconoclast

(>) One of you out there had downloaded this file before I could sell it =
off to some
pretty tough customers. Know this, I know who you are and where you =
Think about that when you are all alone at home.
(>) The Neo Iconoclast



We don't have the same problems as other cities do. Although we do have =
- Kenneth P. Scow, Council of Elders

The Information in this chapter is excerpted from Fromor's Guide to the =
Ute Nation and Salt Lake City: 2055. The author gratefully acknowledges =
permission to reprint these sections on Salt Lake City.

(>) Yeah, and I stole it.
(>) The Neo Iconoclast

Though it is no longer a city of the United Canadian and American =
States, Salt Lake City is a vigorous city that is now the Vatican of the =
Twenty First Century. Today's Salt Lake City spreads from the Great =
Salt Lake to the northwest to the Wasatch Mountains in the East and to =
the Oquirrh (Ochre) Mountains in the West. Surrounded by the Ute =
Nation, Salt Lake City is an independent City State which has been =
recognized by the Ute Nation, Tir Tairngire, and UCAS. An appeal for =
recognition is still pending to the United Nations.


For the rich or Corporate Traveler, Salt Lake City has been rated as one =
of the best places to do business in the World, lately. Regularly =
scheduled flights arrive and depart daily to and from the Salt Lake =
International Airport. Customs check-in is efficient, but the patron =
can expect a delay as contraband is checked for. Clearing the airport =
after arrival generally takes about an hour and a half. The Salt Lake =
International Airport boasts a very low rating for violent incidents.

The Salt Lake International Airport has been capable of handling =
transorbital flights to other major airports since the Council has =
expanded the airport in 2040 A.D. Service in this area is not regular =
and very expensive.

The Ute Nation has sanctioned two old Interstate Highways as ways to get =
into Salt Lake City, these are I-15 and I-80. Both highways are =
maintained by the Council of Elders in the City. Travel outside the =
routes prescribed by the Ute National Government is not recommended, =
although access to Park City is granted by the tribe of Elves that rule =
there. The Ute Nation maintains the sovereign right to restrict access =
to all lands under it's governance. The Ute Nation border and highway =
patrols around Salt Lake City are armed and magically active, and act =
under the principle of "just cause."


Salt Lake City is governed by a council of elders, appointed by the =
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. A theocracy, the Council =
of Elders has the right to enact laws and govern Salt Lake City =
independently of the Ute Nation. Under the Council of Elders, the =
rights of the citizen is maintained: such as the freedom of choice, the =
freedom of the press, and the right to bear arms.

The usual Salt Lake Citizen has more freedom than can be expected under =
the system, but the laws are similar to the laws of the Ute Nation, =
except for laws against public drunkenness and other considerations =
(Game Note: See NAN II for more information). However, the president of =
the Council of Elders is the President and Prophet of their Church, who =
is a Troll by the name of Harrison B. Salter.

The law enforcement is handled by a government sponsored police force in =
Downtown Salt Lake City, and the sprawls of Taylorsville, Sandy, Kearns, =
and Draper. West Valley City has enlisted the actions of Lone Star =
Security Services, Inc. And Magna has no appreciable law enforcement.

All citizens are subject to an income tax that equals ten percent of =
their income. Visas, travel passes, transit fees, business licensing =
fees, donations, and funding from the Church of Jesus Christ of =
Latter-Day Saints make up the rest of the City State's income base into =
the Salt Lake City Corporation. The City State uses these taxes and =
funds to contract for essential services from private corporations. =
Some of primary services and their contractors are:
Police Services: Lone Star Security Services, Salt Lake Police =
Fire Control: Jefferson, Smith, and Associates, Inc.
Sanitation: Various district contractors
Public Works Maintenance: Envirotech, Inc.
Public Data Base: Aros Matrix Systems, Inc.
Grid-Guide System: Sony Tech
Power Grid: Geoelectric Corp (Ute Nation), Solar Power and Light


Salt Lake City maintains it's own defense force, using the old Air Guard =
Base for air defense and the Camp Williams Military Reservation for land =
defense. The Salt Lake City Defense Force is also magically active, but =
quite small. However, for some reason, the Ute Nation is afraid of this =
defense force. The defense force are recruited and trained locally: =
mages and shamans who join the defense force are allowed in and do get =
magical equipment. Any citizen of Salt Lake City may join.

"We need all the help we can get," said Defense General Angus Z. Robb. =
"Mages and Shamans do provide a little insurance in case we were =
attacked by a surprise attack."

Salt Lake City, located in the heart of the Ute Nation, often depends on =
the Ute Nation for stability. However, the Air Defense Division has two =
Ares Dragons and ten Saeder-Krupp Hornets and Yellowjackets for patrol. =
They even maintain two Stealth Bombers bought from UCAS. Land Defense =
Division has about twenty personnel carriers , six Panzer tanks, six =
divisions of infantry troops, and two Special Ops Forces. A mage corps. =
is also in the Defense Force.

The Defense Force is activated by executive order from the Council of =
Elders to defend the city, handle states of emergency, and often to keep =
order when riots break out (which is seldom). However, the cause must =
be "a just and an emergence situation." At any time, the President of =
the Church of Jesus of Christ reserves the right to call back the =
Defense Force when the Cause is unjustified.


Any traveler who wishes to go outside City State limits must apply for a =
Visa from Salt Lake City Corporation. They may also apply for a transit =
pass from the Ute Nation's Council Lodge, where the Salt Lake County =
Building was. The pass and the Visa allow the traveler to travel =
through Ute National lands, and if necessary, either the Sioux Nation or =
the Pueblo Corporate Council. The transit pass is a red ticket issued =
by the Utes in their embassy and are good for a limited time. A Visa is =
necessary to travel out of the City and into other countries.

Any visitor seeking employment must apply for a Work Seeker's Permit at =
City Hall. This permit is good for a limited time. A visitor, may, =
apply for citizenship at City Hall after he has found work and a place =
to stay. The blue Work Seeker's Permit is quite similar to the bright =
blue and red citizen's identification card. They have red tape and will =
accept payments to the holder, minus the income tax.

Corporate Cards, either blue or green, are honored at all legitimate =
enterprises throughout the city's jurisdiction.


Some ten hospitals, including the prestigious University Hospital, serve =
the Salt Lake area. All of which are linked through the EmergencyAlert? =
system. A variety of independent corporations operate as well, offering =
choice of care as well as overflow capability in case of a disaster. =
The DocWagon? is a seldom sight, unlike most other cities.


Legal Advice and Representation are handled by either the Salt Lake =
Legal Bar (SLLG) or the North American Defense Guild (NADG) at the =
following numbers:
Salt Lake Legal Bar
General Public: 555-AID-5
Special Hotlines
Divorce Advice: 800-DIV-ORCE
Orks and Trolls: 800-ORK-TROLL
Native Americans: 800-LAM-ANIT
General Public: 555-LEGAL
Special Hotlines:
Orks: 800-555-ORKS
Elves: 800-555-ELVES
Native Americans: 800-555-TRIB


The Public Datanet is accessed by RTG: NA/UTE-SLC (for game purposes, =
the Salt Lake City Matrix has a security rating of Orange-5). It =
provides the user with a horde of public information posted there by =
corporations and small business along with individual accounts. Many =
corporations have matrices, and the Public Datanet also has Genelogical =
Information and has a direct connection to the Genelogical Library =
Matrix (LTG: NA/UTE-SLC-555-2074; with a rating of blue-2). Aros Matrix =
Systems representatives happily guide customers to the information that =
they so crave.


Salt Lake City's police, fire, and rescue teams all subscribe to the =
international standard PANICBUTTON? system. Any Seiko (or compatible) =
wrist telecom puts a person in instant contact with the system's central =
clearing desk. As in other cities, the PANICBUTTON? booths are =
scattered across the city. It is a local offense to use the system =
without demonstrable need.


Salt Lake City has an excellent commuter grid, but is found in Downtown =
Salt Lake City and South Salt Lake City. Citizens usually use electric =
powered or solar powered vehicles to get from one place to another. =
Others often use the SLC Transit System, which includes buses and a =
monorail system. Still, some like the feel of a combustion engine and =
often use vehicles with such capability. Of course, there are strict =
pollution laws in effect, notably the Salt Lake Clean Air Act of 2043. =
Thus petrochem vehicles are often held in reserve for special occasions =
or business.

Of course, the public road system is well maintained, but often with =
inefficient means. Some roads have been redesigned to last, as they are =
torn up and relaid down in a series of layovers. Others are maintained =
like the old ways in the 20th Century, where construction happens almost =
every day.

The monorail, which was mentioned earlier, allows commuters to get from =
downtown to South Salt Lake, and it is used only by a small amount of =
the population. But it has been expanded and refurbished, serving the =
International Airport and the Software District which includes such =
companies as Renraku, Aztechnology, and Silicon Graphics, Inc. using a =
magnetic ring track. But visitors shouldn't expect a delay in receiving =
a Transit Pass, the monorail is never filled to capacity.


Salt Lake City's special events include a Salt Lake Art Festival, where =
local artists can display their works, the annual Days of '47 Parade and =
Rodeo. The Days of '47 Parade is the second largest parade in North =
America, dwarfed only by the Rose Parade. It usually traffics down Main =
Street every 24th of July. The Rodeo goes on a bit longer, and is often =
held before the Ute Horse Exposition, both events are held at the Delta =
Center. Tickets to the Rodeo are sold by the Smith's Tix network and =
passes to the Horse Exposition are available at the Ute Council Lodge. =
Both are sold three months in advance. Both feature races and =
competitions between riders, and at the Exposition, horses are bought =
and sold. Both show displays of horsemanship unrivaled in the West.

As for the Delta Center, which is under the wing of Saeder-Krupp =
Industries, Inc., it is still the home of the Salt Lake Jazz Basketball =
Team, which belongs to the International Basketball League. Also, the =
Delta Center proudly presents the Salt Lake Starz, a woman's basketball =
team that also belongs to the Woman's International Basketball League. =
Franklin Quest Field showcases the internationally acclaimed Salt Lake =
Pioneers, a baseball team that belongs to the International Baseball =
Association who won the World Series two years in a row. Recent =
additions to the Salt Lake City sports teams include the Salt Lake Ice =
Breakers, a hockey team; the Salt Lake Mountaineers, a soccer team; and =
the Salt Lake Maulers, an indoor football team.

Salt Lake City does have cultured entertainment. The Salt Lake Opera =
and Ballet house showcases opera and ballet, when the Salt Lake Ballet =
and Opera Companies effectively performed under one roof. Various plays =
from Shakespeare to Experimental Theater is performed at theaters around =
the city. The Salt Lake Symphony plays regularly in Abravanel Hall, a =
building joined to the Salt Palace.

The Salt Palace itself is a convention and events center maintained by =
the Salt Lake City Corporation. Salt Lake City is also the home of the =
most popular Salt Lake Gate Crashers, which is considered by some as a =
very annoying industrial rock band, but the band has regular World =
Tours. Salt Lake City is also the New Age capital of the World, with =
such new age composers and performers as Harrison Dale Oaks, Lisa Tesh, =
Jonah Henderson, and Spiritwolf.


Salt Lake City is full of points of interest. One of the most notable =
is Brigham Young University (B.Y.U.), which occupies the old University =
of Utah. BYU is a large facility comprising some of the best research =
facilities in North America. The medical school, known as Dalin H. Oaks =
Medical School, is the third best medical school in the World: whose =
standards are dwarfed by Harvard Medical School in Boston, UCAS, and =
Cambridge Medical School in Cambridge, United Kingdom. The University =
Hospital, adjacent to the Dalin H. Oaks Medical School, is one of the =
most efficient hospitals in Western North America.

The old Utah State Capital Building is part museum, part embassy. It =
serves as the UCAS Embassy to Salt Lake City and is open to tourists. =
The Salt Lake County Building has been turned into the Ute Nation =
Council Lodge, and serves as the Embassy from the Ute Nation. The Tir =
Embassy is located near Pioneer Park and is surrounded by trees. The =
Tir Embassy also acts as a cultural liaison for Tir Elves that journey =
to Salt Lake City.

Temple Square, a region of the city sacred to the Saints, is Salt Lake =
City's most frequently visited site. The Church of Jesus Christ of =
Latter-Day Saints sponsor regular tours, usually guided by Sister =
Missionaries. The square has two visitor centers, North and South, that =
are open to all tourists. Temple Square during Christmas is =
spectacularly stunning, as the whole square is decked out with lights.

The Triad Center, maintained by Bonneville Communications, Inc., holds =
tours through out it's facilities. Renraku maintains offices there, =
along with a television station known as KSL.

This is the place Monument commemorates the spot where Brigham Young was =
reputed to say, "This is the Place, Drive on!" It has a pioneer village =
constructed beside it and workers there show what life was like in the =
mid 19th Century. Just across the Road is Hogle Zoo. Hogle Zoo shows =
many fine animals: both mundane and awakened.

The latest addition to Salt Lake City's growing business district is the =
Aztechnology Pyramid. Constructed a little west of the International =
Airport, the Aztechnology Pyramid was built similarly to the Pyramid =
located in Seattle, UCAS. Tours are rarely available.

The Ute Nation offers guided tours of portions of their lands. Weather =
permiting, tours through Orem, Pleasant Grove, and Provo offers tourists =
to see the Mount Timpanogos Temple, the Provo Temple, the Ute National =
University, and Timpanogos Cave. For the last, it is at the traveler's =
own risk. The native guides for these tours are known for their =


Other than the Ute National Council Lodge, there are no appreciable =
tribal holdings in Salt Lake City, although a few Ute Mormons are =
granted asylum. These Ute Mormons often have their own businesses and =
live there without little problems. The Ute National Council Lodge is =
open to the public and non-tribal visitors are welcome. Applications =
for Citizenship and asylum are often sold there.


Salt Lake City is a hot bed of Capitalism and Commercialism. Profiles =
of the many national, international, and extranational corporations with =
offices in Salt Lake City are available in the Public Datanet. They =
include the times, if any, of facility tours. Most corporations =
maintain public information desks and displays of their products at =
their main offices. There is one thing of note: in order to maintain =
the capitalistic tmosphere, the Council of Elders maintain the Sovereign =
Right to break up Monopolies in any form: including the Interlocking =
Directorate form. It was stipulated in the Corporate Security Act of =
2053. However, they only use it when the economy is in danger.


Like all metropolitan areas, Salt Lake City has crime, both organized =
and unorganized. Contrary to what the World believes, Salt Lake City =
has syndicated crime. The largest of which belongs to the Mafia Family, =
other syndicates are maintained by the yakuza, the Triads, and Tongs. =
There are no Seoulpa Rings in Salt Lake City, they were all apprehended =
by the police.

Salt Lake City's law enforcement's biggest concern is the Mafia. =
Although there are shadow magic shops that have sprung up in West Valley =
City and Magna; the Mafia is what the Police is cracking down on. So =
the Mafia is a discreet organization that is often involved in =
Embezzlement and other white collar crimes.

Since there is no open talismonger shops anywhere in Salt Lake City, =
there is shadow magic shops instead. They are illegal talismonger shops =
that use a legitimate business as a front. Magical supplies are bought =
and sold on the black market in Salt Lake City. The reason for the =
shadow magic shops is not just the attitude that the residents have for =
magic, but there is a fanatical apostate group known as the Purists that =
actively hunt such shops and burn them to ground.

Besides that, there are also a wild mix of independents, ranging from =
data pirates who steal data in the name of Freedom, to shadowrunners =
buzzing low altitude smuggling vehicles across Ute Territory.

Population: 2,000,000+
Human: 52%
Elf: 13%
Dwarf: 2%
Ork: 10%
Troll: 12%
Other: 1%
Population Density: 200+ per square meter.
Per Capita Income: 45,500¥
Population Below Poverty Level: 25%
Persons on Fortune's Active Traders List: 2%
Persons of Corporate Affiliation: 53%
Hospitals and Medical Centers: 30
Means of Commuting to Work:
Internal Combustion Vehicle: 5%
Solar-Electric Vehicles: 20%
Grid-Guide Electric Vehicles: 40%
SLC Transit patrons: 23%
On-Site Workers: 10%
Other: 2%
Felonious Crime Rate: 5 per 1,000 per annum
High School Equivalency: 52%
College Equivalency: 32%
Advanced Studies Certificates: 10%

- - - - - - - -

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