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Message no. 1
From: Guido Ferraro <crs@****.UNITO.IT>
Subject: SUBMISSION UPDATE: Bio-armor lore
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 1995 22:32:59 +0100
NERPS: Dragons & Other Paranormal Entities
Bio-armor lore

>>>>>[Hoi chummers. I've posted some rather twisted stuff I found on
the last online issue of _Nature_ magazine. Scan it and add your own
notes as usual.]<<<<<
--Wired E. Coyote (14:44:17/04-23-55)

New insights in symbiosis

A brief interview with Dr. Mark J. Steedman and Prof. Sean E. Clark,
PLR team coordinators,
by Lucas Magnum

_Nature_ reports on the latest theoretical proposition brought
forth by the Paranatural Life Research team at MIT&M

NATURE: The academical community holds in great respect your studies on
paranormal beings. The PLR was the first group ever to observe gremlins
in detail.

CLARK: Yes, but for the most part the merit should go to Mark. Only him
was patient enough to stand up amidst that wave of chaos and write down
the results.

STEEDMAN: The amount of damage done was awful... <laughs softly>

>>>>>[Gremlins. Those furry idiots. Took me FIVE 22-round clips to blow
the drek outa them the last time !]<<<<<
--Sam Swaggart (16:29:36/04-23-55)

NATURE: Dr. Steedman, what exactly is a "bio-armor" ?

STEEDMAN: It's a classification. The term encompasses every specialized
symbiotic lifeform able to bestow on its host one or more (para)natural
abilities, targeted as a response against hostile environments.
As you can see, it' s still a broad viewpoint: the process of symbiosis
is inherently a strategy for survival under harsh conditions, being the
mutually beneficial living together of different species of organisms.


STEEDMAN: I think we should iron out a more definite classification, as
the Paterson's Field Guide Foundation suggested. In my opinion, the key
terms are "specialized" and "response"; moreover, no one is too
to call unicellular algae or fungi "armor" without concrete evidence of
defensive abilities beneficial to the host.

>>>>>[My grandmother always said: "Eat your spinachs, Bandit, so
grow healthy and strong"...]<<<<<
--The Smiling Bandit (09:29:45/04-24-55)

>>>>>[I'll take that she wasn't very good at guessing.]<<<<<
--KAM (11:05:37/04-24-55)

NATURE: What about the Protean ?

STEEDMAN: I'd never call that a bio-armor. It's essentially a parasitic
entity, harmful to other organisms.

CLARK: But you stroke a nerve with this question. You see, the point of
our research is whether the process of symbiosis can be used to enhance
the natural abilities of the involved lifeforms, given the influence of
the Awakening and the need to survive in a tougher environment.

STEEDMAN: We call this phenomenon "bio boost". Our hope is to gain more
insight into its inner workings to benefit medical research: think of a
symbiotic healing cocoon able to speed up natural recovery, even to the
point of regeneration.

CLARK: An useful form of treatment for magically active people. <nods>

>>>>>[Regeneration? Hardly the most appealing aspect of the bio-armors.
They have much more potential. However, each individual bio-armored
person seems to develop his own abilities. And yes, chummers, I do mean
that literally, the good doctors are a long way behind some others out
--Silver (--:--:--/--------)

>>>>>[Yeah, and last week mom invited Dunkelzahn for
--Son Gohan (!!:KA:ME/HA-ME-HA)

>>>>>[So what ? Mrs. ChiChi makes such sweet apple pies... It is not my
fault that you were on vacation.]<<<<<
--The Big 'D' (23:59:59/04-27-55)

NATURE: Hmm... would bio boost also increase the offensive capabilities
of a being ? You mentioned "response against hostile environments".

CLARK: The potential for abuse is here, but I really can't envision any
serious "bio booster" weapon in the near future. I've heard some voices
about studies on biological lasers at Willamette: pure nonsense.

>>>>>[Like I said, the good doctors are way behind... The bio weapons
are there. As are other, even stranger weapons.]<<<<<
--Silver (--:--:--/--------)

STEEDMAN: Right, we'll probably need decades just to see a prototype of
our healing cocoon. Genengineering is much slower than cybertechnology.

NATURE : And there's still magic around to contend with, of course.

CLARK: Yes. How does symbiosis relate with astral energy, for example ?
This looks like a very long journey, but I believe it's worth it.

STEEDMAN: I agree.

NATURE: We'll see, then. Thank you for this interview.

>>>>>[News flash from MIT&M -Steedman and Clark are missing ! They were
sighted for the last time at a press conference for Paterson's new book
two days ago. Still no clues, no traces, nothing at all.]<<<<<
--Holly (17:44:05/04-28-55)

>>>>>[Do not go any further, child. You would regret
--Alkampfer (**:**:**/**-**-**)


Look forward for the stuff on the Chosen, chummerinos...

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