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Message no. 1
From: Bruce <gyro@********.CO.ZA>
Subject: Submit : Novi Illuminati Magi,
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 11:38:14 +0200
NERPS : Organisations
Bruce (Eva's Gyr0)

Novi Illuminati Magi, Initiatavent in Sacrum Christum in nomine
Mariae, Mater Dei.

The New Illuminated Mages, Initiated in Sacred Christ in the name of
Mother of God.

Referred to only as "The Order", NIMISCRIM is an order of
thinkers and, since the awakening, true mages. The order are the
to the first such order (hence the New in the name) which was
during the Inquisition and destroyed by Vatican assassins. The origins
the first order are shrouded in time, but many divergent theories
exist in
the most hallowed passages of the Vatican.


The Order exists to protect the Catholic faithful from threats from
"spirit world". Its members are expected to banish spirits and ensure
all members of the faith remain true to the "no summoning" strictures
out in canon. Further, all members are fully trained priests and
minister to
the faithful, hearing confessions and aiding those in adversity. The
orders of the Church have often used agents to deliver important
The Order is sometimes required to neutralise a conjurer who is
dabbling in
dangerous researches. All attempts to dissuade the offender will be
before the termination order is given. Only those persons who directly
threaten the Church or the faithful will be marked for death.


The Order is led by Brother Nilius, a highly respected Biblical
Scholar of
French descent. He is a hermetic mage of great power, and a man of
intellect. Reporting directly to Archbishop Veryn, who is in charge of
metaphysical matters for the Church, Brother Nilius has the ear of the
once removed. This places a great deal of responsibility on The Order
solve all questions of faith in their delicate field of expertise as
and quietly as possible.


Children in Catholic homes and Churches are secretly tested every year
travelling mages in the employ of Rome. Those among them that show the
most promise are offered a scholarship at the best Vatican schools.
They are
educated and trained to use their special talents. The best among
these are
initiated into The Order. (This initiation is usually a Grade 0
initiation with the ordeal of Oath)

Another way of entering the order is through service and devotion to
Church and a strong magical talent. Many are missed in the screening
and only a few of those ever achieve membership in The Order. Those
that do
are reffered to as "Prodigals".


The Order is based in Vatican City. They do not keep offices of any
there is no Matrix system to hack into and no files to steal. All
documentation is created in hand written manuscript form and kept in
secret "Vault of the Scribes". Most agents roam the globe, from Church
Church, searching for spirits and aiding the downtrodden faithful. A
of messages from Churches to the Vatican and back is used to convey
and information.


A NIMISCRIM agent is not required to wear any special uniform or carry
identification. This aids in the Churches ability to deny their
They are all male and obviously well educated. Many members are
actors and disguise artists, thus concealing themselves in normal
The Vatican supplies agents with customised identification and travel
authorisation through channels into many friendly governments.

Friendly Organisations

Numerous Governments. Those with a high Catholic population are often
to aiding in the destruction or capture of dangerous spirits and those
summon them.

The Catholic Church. Both the central Church and all its outlying

Unfriendly Organisations

Numerous cabals of conjurers. Those who have had their plans foiled by
Order. Most do not know who to attack in retaliation of course.

How to use NIMISCRIM in your game.

The Order can come in very handy when the group is faced with some
scary Free Spirit opposition. Unfortunately for the characters Order
are VERY rare and only intervene when the Church is directly
threatened or
when the menace becomes a danger to innocents.

Should an PC in your game befriend an Order agent, that contact would
come in very useful. Keep in mind that contacts need to be maintained,
and that Christian norms and ideals are close to the Orders heart.

I guess that in most games they will be used as a "fat out of the
fire" move
by a GM who has given his group more than they can chew.

In my game The Order is a major player in a plot that the characters
uncovering to imprison powerful free spirits inside broadcast towers
with arcane geometry. If your take on the Shadowrun world is not that
bizarre or you have not read as many batman comics as I have, use them
you see fit.

BRUCE <gyro@********>

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Yo tengo chicle en cerebro

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Message no. 2
From: Paolo Falco <Falco@****.IT>
Subject: Re: Submit : Novi Illuminati Magi,
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 17:38:16 +0200
11:38, 5 Oct 98, Bruce writes:

> Novi Illuminati Magi, Initiatavent in Sacrum Christum in nomine
> Mariae, Mater Dei.

I insist that in correct latin it would be "Novi Illuminati Magi,
Initiati in Sacrum Christum in nomine Mariae, Matris Dei".

The dfferences being "initati" instead of "initiatavent", that AFAIK
doesn't mean anything, and "Matris" instead of "mater", since it has
to concord with the genitive of "Mariae".
I can't remember if I suggested "mater", but if I did, I was wrong.

Paolo Falco | Men, in a war...
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