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Message no. 1
From: "J.D. Falk" <jdfalk@****.COM>
Subject: TALK Re: SUBMISSION: Something in the waters, maybe ?
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 1995 08:25:12 -0400
On Sat, 10 Jun 1995, Guido Ferraro wrote:

> NERPS: Dragons & Other Paranormal Entities
> ...Something in the waters, maybe ?...

> >>>>>[More weird ravings from the media. Enjoy,
> --Capitan Chaos, Sysop (22:31:30/06-10-56)

>>>>>[Weird is right, mon Capitan. There's some strange stench pervading
this stuff, and it ain't the usual tabloid stench we're used to from the
media these days.]<<<<
--The AntiPulitzer (08:17:46/06-11-56)

>>>>>[What's this I see -- AntiPulitzer, the paragon of truth in
reporting, saying the media doesn't smell as bad as usual??]<<<<<
--Naardvark (08:35:12/06-11-56)

>>>>>[I've checked with my own sources, and this time I think they're
telling the truth.]<<<<<
--Noze fer Neuz (09:01:30/06-11-56)

>>>>>[That's what scares me.]<<<<<
-The Anti-Pulitzer (09:05:18/06-11-56)

> ___________________________________
. . .
> __________________________________
> SEATTLE, 10:09:42 PST- The horribly mangled remains of eight persons
> were found on the banks of Puget Sound, not far from the entrance to
> the Seaport Commercial Zone.
> Sean Holland, a Lone Star officer, noticed a troll-sized arm jutting
> out of the mud gathered by the river after six days of uninterrupted
> heavy rain and figured that some poor wretch had been caught unaware
> by the flood: careful investigation revealed a much more frightening
> truth, however. Holland discovered the remains of no less than eight
> individuals, which had partially sank into the murky soil.
> Detectives exstimate that the victims, perhaps gangers of some sort,
> were assaulted and killed by a large group of rivals; apparently the
> murderers didn't stop and heaped further abuse on the corpses before
> they dumped them into the mud, a fact which would explain the rather
> unusual amount of broken bones and tissue lacerations.
> Investigation is under way. Two notorious gang leaders are currently
> being questioned at Lone Star HQ.

>>>>>["Gang leaders," my dead aunt! A couple a' clueless
more like.]<<<<<
--Naardvark (08:39:40/06-11-56)

> ___________________________________________
> SEATTLE, 20:15:20 PST- Robert Hayden, a young Renraku executive, was
> enjoying a meal at the Eye of the Needle with four of his colleagues
> when he catched a brief glimpse of something emerging from the Sound
> and rapidly soaring through the sky. Until now, no one has been able
> (or willing) to confirm his sighting. Renraku has refused to comment
> on the matter.

>>>>>[It may or may not be related to this stuff, but that name -- Robert
Hayden -- sounds very familiar.]<<<<<
--Noze fer Neuz (09:08:32/06-11-56)

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