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Message no. 1
From: John A Garrison <pac-man13@****.COM>
Subject: Talon
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 1997 12:59:41 EDT
I always use this character to quickly "resolve" any problems
that might come up in the course of a game. He can be a guardian angel or
angel of death. Any way he's helpful.

Name: Talon Fields
Occupation: Assassin
Race: Elf
Age: 23
Height: 6'1" (I hate metrics)
Weight: 175 lbs.
Hometown: Narbonne, France
Residence: Where you need him.

Attributes Skills
Body: 5 Athletics: 6
Quickness: 7 Stealth: 6
Strength: 5 Firearms: 10
Charisma: 2 Fireams(B/R): 7
Intelligence: 6 Armed Combat: 6
Willpower: 5 Unarmed Combat: 8
Essence: .5 Computer: 5
Magic: - Electronics: 3
Reaction: 6 Biotech: 5
Body Index: .2 Etiquette(Street): 6
Initiative: 6(14)+1D6(5D6) Etiquette(Corp): 4
Dice Pools: Combat(9) Psycology: 4
Military Theory: 5
Cyberware Demolitions: 5
Wired Reflexes(3) Bike: 6
2 Smartlinks II Hovercraft: 3
Cybereyes Car: 5
Display Link Japanese: 3
Flare Compensation Elven: 3
Low-Light City Speak: 5
Rangefinder French: 6
Thermographic Assassination: 7
Retinal Duplicator Blending: 5
Vision Mag. Optic. 3
Elec. 3 Bioware
Cyberears Synaptic Accelerator 2
Damper Cerebral Booster 2
Amplification Adrenal Pump 2
High Frequency Enhanced Articulation
Low Frequency
Select Sound Filter 5
Datajack Level 4
Secondary Voice Patterns
Muscle Replacement 3

Survival Knife Fineblade Set
AZ-150 Stun Baton Monofilament Whip
Shock Gloves Walther Palm Pistol(Consealable
Ares Predator II(Custom) (Concealable Holster, Silencer, Improved Gas
Vent IV,
Laser Sight, Int. Smartgun, IBS, 10 clips, 200rds Ex Explosive)
Defiance Super Shock (16rds)
MP-5TX(Custom) (Sound Suppresor, Laser Sight, Int. Smartgun, IBS, 10
clips, 200rds APDS)
Barret Model 121 (Custom) (Silencer, Improved Gas Vent IV, Shock Pads,
Laser Sight, Int. Smartgun, IBS, 20 clips, 300rds APDS/Ex Explosive),
5 IPE Offensive Grenades, 5 IPE Defensive Grenades, 5 IPE Concussion
Grenades, 5 White Phosphorus Grenades, 20 IR Smoke Grenades, 5 Flash
Armor Clothing Secure Long Coat
Medium Security Armor
Telecom UltraSound Goggles/w Sight Mag.
Jammer 10 Maglock Passkey 10
Survival Kit Climbing Kit/w 500ft of rope
10 of each slap patch at max. strength
Saab Dynamit 778TI BMW Blitzen 2050
Ford Canada Bison( Vigilant Rotary Autocannon, ,Rigged, Remote, Ablative
Vehicle Armor 3, Large Smoke Generator)

" If you don't go away you can buy me a beer or die."
" If I didn't like you you'd be dead."
" Go away."

Talon left France 7 years ago. The trip was more than he expected so he
spent his first 4 years earning money from just general shadowrunnig.
After that a Johnson discovered his shooting ability and gave him a full
time job.
Talon has friends in many places from megacorps to his close, personal,
ghoul friends.
Message no. 2
From: Matb <mbreton@**.NETCOM.COM>
Subject: Re: Talon
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 1997 23:17:48 -0700
John A Garrison wrote:

<<Snip character stats>>

Lessee... Firearms the highest skill? Check. Charisma the lowest
Check. Guns list longer than any other section? Check. No appreciable
background? Check. "Go away" listed as character quote? Check.




Where did all the really interesting character concepts go?

Message no. 3
From: Bull <chaos@*****.COM>
Subject: Re: Talon
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 1997 14:24:53 -0400
At 12:59 PM 6/4/97 EDT, John A Garrison wrote these timeless words:
> I always use this character to quickly "resolve" any problems
>that might come up in the course of a game. He can be a guardian angel or
>angel of death. Any way he's helpful.
Ok... A couple things here...

First... Wrong list for this, really... For this you want Shadowrn...

>Essence: .5
With all of the cyber this char has, How did you Manage this?? Even with
all Delta (And I don;t want to IMAGINE what that would cost), I still think
you're looking at a severe case of cybermancy.

>Initiative: 6(14)+1D6(5D6)
>Wired Reflexes(3)
> Synaptic Accelerator 2
First off, these two are NOT compatible in anyway.

Second, if they were, you would have an Initiative of 6D6, not 5D6 (3d6 for
Wired, 2d6 for synaptic, and 1d6 starting).

Another thing, this char is SERIOUS overkill. If the situation calls for
something this nasty, why bother with a char with stats? When I need to
end a situation NOW, I do so, whether by forcing the characters (and
players) to behave, or bringing in the "hand of God", an NPC that doesn't
even have stats or a Dragon.


Just some thoughts...

P.S. Talon is a character that appears in Shadowrun already. He's Steve
Kenson's (aka Mr. I wrote Awakenings) character, and appears in about every
sourcebook that Steve has had a hand in.

P.S.S. I refrained for most of the post, but couldn't resist anymore....
This char just SCREAMS the word MUNCHKIN!!! Granted, it's an NPC (I
think),. but... Even NPC's have lives...:]

Now the Offical Celebrity Shadowrn Mailing List Welcome Ork Decker!
Fearless Leader of the Star Wars Mailing List

Bull, aka Steven Ratkovich, aka Rak, aka a lot of others! :]

"The best Ork Decker you never met"
-Me, in the upcoming "Target: UCAS" Shadowrun Sourcebook!

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