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Message no. 1
From: Jesper Soderlund <erax3@*******.ERICSSON.SE>
Subject: There's a new adept in town..
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 1994 09:57:05 +0200
Hello you guys!

It seems like the nerps list has gone on vacation or
ist it just that I don't get any posting (other
than Doc Doom's)? To somewhat remedy the situation
I'll post a new magic ability that I designed based
on a short paragraph in "The secrets of power" trilogy.

It's called the Nega mage, but is actually an adept.

I submitted a longer article to the NAGEE but this
extract just covers the rules and so is more "hard-
core" just like you seem to like it :->.

-------- Description begins here ------------
Despite the name a Nega mage is actually an adept
power and is treated as such when it comes to
character creation and such. The Nega mage
doesn't have use for any locks or foci what so ever.
The Nega mage's special ability is simulated in the
game with a magic pool, following the same rules
as normal mages. The difference is that the Nega
mage doesn't have to have any sorcery skill, instead
the dice is twice the current magic attribute and
that it can only be used for personal spell defense.

How about initiation?
Initiation costs the same as
for a normal magician (i.e. 6 + initiation grad as
base cost). Unfortunately there are no groups for
Nega mages to reduce the cost, at least none
currently known; though they might exist at the
gamemaster's discretion. Ordeals are allowed to
reduce to cost of initiation; though not all ordeals
are aporiate. Asceticism, Deed, Geas and
Meditation can be used with out trouble, others
may be available at the gamemaster's discretion. When
a Geas is broken a Nega mage's magic pool is
reduced to 1 x magic attribute. For example a Nega
mage that have a special affinity for night-time
activity might accept a Geas(night), and get the full
benefit (2 x magic attribute) of his magic pool
during night but only half if he gets slammed with
a spell during the day.

The metamagic available to the Nega mage
initiate is: Dispelling, Shielding and Masking.
Shielding works just like normal, i.e. on all
characters in sight that the mage chooses to
protect. Nega mages also get a "feeling" for what is
magical, manifested in different ways: an electric
tingle on the fingertips, a weak scent, a dark aura,
a low buzzing etcetera. In game terms it works like
the spell Detect magic (no magic pool!) with a
force equal to their grad of initiation. They suffer
drain just like normal mages do (concentration can
be tiresome). They also have the new metamagic of
Reflection, see below for description. If you think
that it makes the Nega mage too powerful you can
modify it or simple disallow it.
If you use the optional rule of gradual initiation
from NERPS, which I recommend as it makes the
initiation system of Shadowrun much better
(thanks to Jason Carter <Carter@***.EDU>), you
might want to make this metamagic available at
later grades of initiation.

This is a metamagic ability available to Nega
mages. If the Nega mage isnFt surprised the ability
functions (i.e. he doesnFt have to have had an
action). Roll a success test between the Nega
mage's magic attribute with a target number equal
to the force of the spell and then consult the
following table.
Successes Result
0 No luck chummer, youFre in for
the big boom
1 The spell takes full effect but also
reflects at half effect
2 The spell reflects at half effect but
also takes half effect where
3 The spell reflects at full effect but
also takes half effect where
4+ The spell reflects at full effect no
effect where intended
Reflected effects take effect the following combat
phase, normal effects will take place immediately.
For example if the spell was cast in combat phase
14 the reflection will take effect in combat phase
13. Half effect means half force and half number of
------------ Description ends here -------------------


Jesper Soderlund "Ours is not to reason why,
Computer Science Major Ours is but to do and die"
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Linkoping Institute of technology
Message no. 2
From: "Robert A. Hayden" <hayden@******.MANKATO.MSUS.EDU>
Subject: Re: There's a new adept in town..
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 1994 10:47:09 +0100
This was written up in both the NAGEE and NERPS ShadowLore.

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